How To Choose The Right Sofa For You

Sofas can be an exciting purchase! Especially when you find the right one, but just how do you do this? There’s much to consider so how do you choose the right sofa for you? let’s take a look!

First things first, you’ll want to decide on the type of sofa that you need. Two-seater sofas can be a great go-to if your a smaller family and you don’t have much space. If not, three-seater sofas are much better if there are more of you (or perhaps you just want to stretch out)! If you have guests to stay often, perhaps you’ll want a sofa bed, or if you’re looking for something stylish; maybe a corner sofa could do the trick nicely!

How To Choose The Right Sofa For You

Which colour? 

 Your colour choice will all depend on the colours in your living room; you’ll need to choose something that matches just right! Many people prefer neutral tones, and these are very on-trend currently due to the minimalistic design trends that we have seen around this season. A bold colour sofa can really brighten up the room and act as a focal point. Red can be an excellent sofa colour to bring some energy and vibrancy to any room. If you have kids, it’s probably best to avoid anything that’s white and go for a darker colour! Having said this, white leather sofas can easily be wiped down of mess (just make sure your kids keep their marker pens away)!

Try before you purchase 

If you want to choose the right sofa, then it’s so important that you spend enough time having a good sit down on each one! Take your time and ensure you are completely comfortable and that your back is fully supported. Check the cushions out and ensure that they are of high quality and to your taste. If you have taller people in your family, ensure that you are choosing something that is deep enough. If a sofa looks great but isn’t comfortable then it’s not worth the purchase; you won’t want something that isn’t nice to sit and relax on. Buoyant sofas have a great range of materials, styles, and prices for all your sofa shopping needs! 

 Consider the material 

When you are buying, you must choose the right sofa, it’s vital to think about the material. It can be a good idea to order some material swatches from your chosen store so that you can make an informed choice. This can also allow you to check that the colour ties in with the rest of your living room. Cotton sofas are very easy to look after and pleasant to the touch, leather sofas are very durable, but some don’t enjoy the feel of leather against the skin (so it depends on your view on this)! Linen sofas provide a chic minimal look, and their natural creases do soften over time.

Lastly, it’s vital that you measure both your space and the sofa to make certain that you have enough space! If your doorway isn’t so big, you might like to get a sofa that has removable legs so that you can construct it later. Why not spruce up your whole living room while you’re at it? Redesigning is an excellent way to add value to your home

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