8 Cheap Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Adding value to your home can be difficult when you are on a tight budget. Even if you aren’t trying to sell your home, it pays to know how you can add value to your home. 

8 Cheap Ways To Add Value To Your Home

We have researched & collaborated with The Property Buying Company to create eight top tips you can use to increase the value to your property.

1. Paint 

Nipping to the nearest DIY store and investing in a few buckets of paint can be the cheapest way to adding value to any property. Painting rooms in your home can help your house to stay modern and up to date on a budget. When choosing colours, try to select from a neutral palette as this will stop the property from becoming outdated quickly. Furthermore, when choosing from a palette, try to pick a lighter shade, as this can make a room appear welcoming. 

If you are struggling to find time to repaint all of your walls, another cheap way of freshening up your home is by re-glossing. By sanding down internal areas, such as doors, banisters and skirting boards, and then repainting with gloss, it will give your home a brand-new feel. 

2. Exterior

Whether you are wanting to have guests round for an occasion, or you are wanting to sell your home, one way to impress others is by having an exterior as tidy as your interior. When people first arrive at your property, the first thing they will see is the exterior of your property, so making sure it’s neat is critical.

Looking around your garden, a great starting point is to de-weed any areas. This can be tricky, however, it can instantly increase your property’s kerb appeal. Other ways you could improve your garden is by mowing the lawn, cutting any hedge/bush areas, repainting your front door, creosoting fences or cleaning patio furniture.  

3. Fixing Up

We can all think of those little things in our home that we have needed to fix for a while but have put off completing. Well, no more! Time to stop putting it off and crack open the toolbox.

Even the smallest problems can add value to your home. To get the ball rolling, have a walk around your home and take note of anything that isn’t working. These could be simple tasks such as changing a light bulb or tightening a leaky tap. 

When you are walking around you find a hole in a wall, no need to panic, you can fix it yourself. A great paste you can use to fix this is Polyfilla. Simply apply the paste, smooth it out, and then (if you need to) paint over it. All these small fixes will add up and improve the appearance of your home.

4. Kitchen and Bathroom Improvements

Many of us avoid improving Kitchens and Bathrooms due to the assumed expensive price tag that comes with each room. There are many different tips and tricks you can use to create a well-maintained and modern feel around your kitchen and bathroom.

Firstly, there is no need to replace a full suite. If your cabinets have seen better days, why not start by choosing new paint to use on the outside of the cupboards. If your walls in your bathroom are already white, pastel colours work best.

Another way of improving your cabinets is by changing the handles. Your current handles may be outdated and scratched. These days, there are so many different handles you can buy from local stores especially on a budget. Additionally, these handles can be easy to change and not take a whole afternoon of your time. A quick way to add value to your home.

5. Lighting

Having the correct light in your home can brighten your home within minutes. Around your property, having bright lights can increase the appeal of your home and generate a welcoming feel.

If you haven’t already, replacing your current bulbs to LED is a cost-effective change you can make to your home. Initially, the bulbs will cost, however, after the starting cost, you will notice that your energy bill will decrease. Switching to LED lights can generate a warm feeling in your home, henceforth making your house feel well-loved.

Any dark areas in your home, try to place floor lamps (if you have any) into these corners. Strategically placing floor lamps can make your property seem spacious and create light in new areas and therefore add value to your home.

If you do have guests descending on your home or you have prospective buyers for viewings, make sure you have your curtains and blinds open. The best type of light without a doubt is natural light. To get the best use of the natural lighting and to produce a spacious feel to any room, try placing mirrors opposite window or sources of natural lighting. 

6. Front Door

Knock, knock, who’s there? A new look for your front door! If your current door is wooden and has seen better days, why not give it a new lease of life? Choosing a bright colour such as red allows your home to stand out from other homes, or you could choose a classic colour such as white or grey. Painting a wooden door is the cheaper alternative to replacing it and can allow you to add your personal touch to the house. If you are struggling to understand where to start, just type in on a search engine ‘How to paint a wooden front door’ as there are plenty of videos that will appear for you to watch.

Choosing a bright colour such as red allows your home to stand out from other homes

If your door is plastic, why not get your rubber gloves on and get scrubbing. This may be a frustrating job to achieve, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. However, the benefit of having a door that looks brand new is worth the work.

7. Flooring

There is no doubt that all homes have seen their fair share of stains and spills. With some types of flooring being more than £20 a square meter, new flooring can easily add up in price. Instead, you could have a go at giving your carpets a deep clean. There are many appliances and carpet cleaners on the market for you to trial. 

However, maybe you are bored of having carpeted floors. Another way of changing your flooring without a hammering on your card is by exposing the floorboards below and painting or polishing them. 

8. Cleaning 

It may seem like a boring task but cleaning your home can dramatically add to the well-maintained feel for your home. You may not have time to do this weekly, but try to do a deep clean of your home monthly. Start from the top (ceiling area) and work your way down to the floor. Nowhere should be untouched, from cleaning the inside of windows to dusting all the way hoovering. The benefits that you will reap from a clean home are endless.

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