6 Questions You Should Ask Before Selling Your House

Selling your house can seem like an overwhelming task. In fact I would go on to say it’s one of the most stressful things in life. So you want to be sure you’re doing everything right, to get the best price for your home and to sell it quickly. Here are six questions to ask yourself before you sell your home so that you can sell with confidence.

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Selling Your House

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  1. Is now the right season to sell?

When selling a house, timing can make all the difference. This means picking a good time of year to sell, but also picking a good time in your own life and situation. Home sales often begin to pick up around late winter or early spring, peaking during the summer months as families often choose to move in between school years to make things easier on their children.

  1. Will you use a real estate agent, or another option?

There are pros and cons to any method of selling your home. A real estate agent will charge fees. Selling it yourself can be a lot of stress, and may not be practical for your situation. You may also consider using a cash buying service like Speed Property Buyers, which buys your home quickly for slightly lower than market value and does not charge the fees associated with estate agents.

  1. What’s the market like?

However, time of year is not the only factor to consider. Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? This can be determined by many factors, including the local economic situation and the rate of home sales. If it’s a buyer’s market, you’ll need to think carefully to maximize the profit you’re able to take away.

  1. Why do you personally want to sell?

In addition to paying attention to the real estate market, it’s important to be realistic about your personal situation when selling your home. After you have paid off your mortgage is often an ideal time to sell. No risk being caught paying two mortgages if your home doesn’t sell immediately. But even if you haven’t paid off your mortgage completely, having equity built up in the house is also a good sign.

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Selling Your House

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You may also wish to sell if your home no longer fits your needs. Perhaps you are part of a young couple, and want more space for your growing family. Or maybe the kids have moved away, and you’re looking to downsize and move in somewhere cozy and easy to manage.

Whatever your reasons, it’s important to have clear in your mind why you’re selling your home, and how committed you really are to making the sale.

  1. What is your home’s state of repair?

You want to be realistic about the state of your home when you’re considering selling. A home that is in a poor state of repair can go for a significantly lower price than a home that is well repaired, as well as taking much longer for the house to sell at all.

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Selling Your House

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If you have been putting off making repairs to your home, now may be the time to do so. Whether you hire someone or make the changes yourself, a home that is in a good state will do much better on the market.

  1. How long will it take your home to sell?

In the UK, the average home sells between two or three months. However, this is just an average. Do you research on average times for home sales in your area, and plan ahead for the timing of your own move so you’re not caught between two houses.


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  1. Great tips for homeowners, we don’t own ours unfortunately and with my fiancé now suffering heart failure after a heart attack in March at only 42 it seems impossible as he’s no longer fit for work and I’m a stay at home mum and also his carer now, but we are with a housing association so have a long term tenancy xxx

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