A Miner’s Cottage Renovation Project Part 3

It’s been just over a month since the last update on the renovation project on my mum’s old miner’s cottage. Work has been going on very nicely. If you want to catch on the previous updates they are here – part 1 and part 2.

A Miner's Cottage Renovation Project

So these past 6 weeks of work have been going full speed on the demolishing of the old bathroom and the start of the new bathroom suite installation. Of course, with any old buildings problems do arise. The lovely bloke who is doing the work for mum had found problems with the ceiling above the old shower. So he has had to replace that area completely. Now it looks fab with the new LED spotlights in place. With one right over the shower! How cool is that?

Having new spotlights fitted has brought so much more light to the bathroom. Mum has also treated herself to one of those fancy self-lighting mirrors when you wave your hand over it. In fact, every part about the bathroom has been either updated or new. Even down to the moisture resistant skirting boards, which are a must for old houses in damp Cornwall!

A Miner's Cottage Renovation Project Part 3 - bathroom renovations

The cottage was built pre-1900’s so it’s really old, although the extension where the bathroom is was built around the 70’s I believe. Dad and mum moved into this lovely cottage with its character when I was 4 months old and my sister 6 years old. So have been living there for over 35 years. I know dad before he passed away loved it and always wanted to pass away at home, and he got his wishes.

A Miner's Cottage Renovation Project Part 3

Both mum and dad planned on doing some work on the house, but when dad got ill it got put on the back burner. Now, mum is carrying on dad’s wishes, although she is spending way more than dad would have dreamed of on the bathroom! As I previously said that the windows were finished now and it’s the turn of the bathroom, mum got the help of a designer at our local DIY store. At first, she was thinking of putting in a wetroom but after some research decided it wasn’t for her.

A Miner's Cottage Renovation Project Part 3

Mum was in her element choosing the bathroom suite, tiles, fixtures, and fittings. The whole bathroom was torn out and the room gutted. It needed the ceiling repairing, old tiles taken off the walls. The old shower cubicle, hand basin, and toilet to be also taken out. My dad was a great fixer of things, and a huge recycler of parts he found, so everything was kind of mishmash in the bathroom, and over most of the house to be honest. He would always say “an older nail would hold better than a new one”, he rarely bought new nails in his whole life. He used a lot as well always making chicken houses, and gates or mending fences.

Thanks for stopping by today and reading our renovation update.

Keep an eye out next time for the finished bathroom!


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