Making Your Kitchen More Kid-Friendly

Those with small children know the kitchen is of special interest to them. It’s where food comes from, it’s where all the shiny objects are located, and there are countless buttons, switches, knobs, nooks, and crannies to touch and explore. All this adds up to a realm of wonder in the eyes of a youngster.

For parents, the significance of the kitchen relative to their children is less fascinating and more frightening; mums and dads see sharp utensils, red hot surfaces, and a whole host of other potential threats to their kids. It’s more than enough for most parents to keep their small children out of the kitchen as much as possible unless they are restrained or within grabbing distance.

Making Your Kitchen More Kid-Friendly

There’s no denying the possibility of danger in the kitchen, but these threats can be easily managed to reduce the chances of actually happening. Making your kitchen kid-friendly is not only possible, it allows children to explore this marvelous part of the house without mums and dads worrying so much about their safety.

While we recommend reaching out to Gilmans Kitchens & Baths, or any other similar company, is recommended prior to committing to any remodeling plans, the following are great ways to make your kitchen more kid-friendly:

Open floor

A kitchen with an open floor plan allows for easier parental supervision. Mums and dads can be putting meals together while keeping their eyes on any youngsters in the vicinity. This gives kids the chance to run around and poke around without getting themselves into too much trouble.

Breakfast nook

An open floor kitchen can be balanced by a breakfast nook in a corner or bay window space. A breakfast nook serves as the kitchen outpost for children who are otherwise in a seemingly alien landscape. Crayons and coloring books can be side-by-side with waffles and orange juice without disruption to the main eating areas of the kitchen-dining room area.

Bin pulls

Lower cabinets in the kitchen should contain dish towels and similarly non-threatening items. This allows your children to freely open up the accessible drawers without running into danger. With that said, nothing says “climb me” to a child quite like a vertical row of drawer handles leading to the kitchen countertop – where knives, sources of heat, and other threats loom. A brilliant compromise comes in the form of bin pulls, which make it easy for kids to pull the drawers out but difficult to use the handles as rungs. Your child may figure out how to create stairs out of open drawers, so make sure to keep them within eyesight.

Step stools

Foldable step stools are a great way to let kids help out with cooking and other kitchen activities. Just don’t forget to put them away once they’re no longer in use!

Pint-sized tools

Kitchen tools designed for small hands give children the opportunity to directly help with preparing meals and other tasks. Mixing spoons, measuring cups, and other items can serve as a means to introduce kids to the wonders of cooking, as well as give them some real-world practice.

Most kids are fascinated with the kitchen. Given all the interesting things the typical kitchen contains, can you blame them? While parents wince at the risks posed by various essentials of the modern kitchen, making some adjustments enables them to safely invite their curious youngsters into this important space.

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