Carpet Or Hardwood Floors In The Living Room?

When we were choosing the flooring for our living room before we moved in, we had in-depth discussions on carpet or hardwood. Which would be suitable for us and our family. Which would last the longest and of course be within our budget?

With the house we were buying being a new build it was a blank canvas for us to choose the right flooring for us. In our old house, we had the whole house carpeted with the same colour and type. It was what we could afford at that time. This time though we had a better idea of the flooring types available.


I’m going to share with you the characteristics of both carpet and hardwood flooring so you can make your own decision on what’s best suited to your needs, just like we did!

Carpet Characteristics

  • EconomicalCarpet for living rooms is cheaper. It’s much more affordable per square foot than hardwood materials. It will probably need replacing sooner, but overall it’s cheaper. Carpet starts off at an affordable price and then increases in price with quality.
  • Sound deadening – If you live in an upsidedown house (like our first house) your living room may be on the first floor. Having carpet in the living room makes sense for this type of layout so your footsteps are muffled to those down below you. Hardwood floors are loud!
  • Child-friendly – Carpet is safe for kids falling over and playing. Hardwood can hurt if you trip and fall.
  • Soft – Carpet is soft. The thick shaggy types are perfect for curling your toes in. If you are looking for a cozy warm feeling in your living room, the carpet will give you this.
  • Warmth – In the Winter months you will want a warm floor underfoot. Hardwood can be cold.
Carpet Or Hardwood Floors In The Living Room

Hardwood Characteristics

  • Luxury – Hardwood can be seen as luxurious and timeless due to the expensiveness of it for materials and fitting. It’s seen as more high end, so it can add value to your home as well.
  • Easy to clean – Yes hardwood is known to be easy to keep clean. All it needs is a wipe over, due to the hardness of the surface. Carpet, on the other hand, is full of fibres and spills will sink into the carpet and stain. Carpet can also hide dust which can be a problem when it comes to allergies.
  • Long-lasting – Hardwood floors can last for decades if looked after properly.
  • Natural – Wood is a natural resource that is ecologically friendly and sustainable. Carpet is made from synthetic fibres derived from petroleum, which is a limited resource.
Carpet Or Hardwood Floors In The Living Room

Carpet vs Hardwood

We took all these points into consideration when choosing our living room flooring and in the carpet or hardwood debate, the carpet won for us. It was mainly due to the girls’ safety (and the cost!).

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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