Why It’s a Good Idea To Declutter Before Moving House

Your life will be so much better and less stressful if you do a big declutter before moving house. When we moved a few years back we did a mediocre declutter, and I wished we did more, to be honest. But you learn from experiences, don’t you? Just think I wouldn’t have had to hide stuff away when the estate agents came around to take pictures for putting it on the market!

Why It's a Good Idea To Declutter Before Moving House

Just before lockdown, my younger sister moved from her flat into a house that she has wanted for ages. After my moving experience, I advised her to be a huge declutter, so it’s less stuff to move. A kind of a fresh start. Here’s a really handy post on what things to get rid of before moving, and I’m going to share with you why it’s a good idea to declutter before moving.

Put a decluttering plan into motion

You will need to be clear and concise with what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. The best way forward is to put a plan into place. Block out time in your schedule for decluttering sessions leading up to moving day. Highlight the areas that need doing. All this forward planning will save you time and energy and help your move go more smoothly.

You will need bags/boxes, labels and a marker pen for this plan to proceed. Divide up your things into keep, sell, donate, for family/friends and throw away piles.

declutter before moving house

Money saving

Less stuff means less to pack, less packing materials and less time to do the packing equals a huge money saving. It’s that simple. When we were packing up our 4 bed townhouse, both of us were working full time and we had an 18 month old to contend with. Due to only knowing the day before that we were completing the next day we could only take the moving day off work. So we were packing in the evenings and on our days off leading up to the rough date we had in mind. If I thought about it know I would have started selling unwanted clothes on eBay and doing some car boots months before. I reckon I could have earned enough money this way o pay for the removal company. We might have needed a smaller lorry as well!

car boot sale for decluttering

Fresh start

Moving to a new house is definitely a fresh start. Do you really want to bring clutter with you? It might not fit into your new home. Declutter before moving house will give you a clear mind to begin your fresh start. It will be much cleaner to organise what you want where.

So what are you waiting for? Start your declutter plan, earn some money, and get your home cleaner and organised. After all, a former work colleague of mind told me, tidy space, tidy mind!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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  1. Very good advice. I’ve moved quite a few items and do a serious declutter even before buying a new property

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