New House New Bedroom Ideas

We recently had a gorgeous new mattress from the Memory Foam Warehouse in which we reviewed. So now we are looking for ideas on decorating our bedroom. Of course, living in a new build you have a blank canvas to start with.

As you know from previous posts like when we were thinking about decorating L’s bedroom, I love to create mood boards. Here is my mood board for our New House New Bedroom.

Mood-Board New House New Bedroom.

We want our master bedroom to be a relaxing space, of course, having TV beds installed is the dream! It does have an en-suite in the corner which I feel very lucky to have as well.

So where do you start with decorating a bedroom?

Have a think about the following things.

  • Bedroom design colour ideas
  • Bedroom paint colours
  • Bedroom wall art ideas
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Bedroom decor
  • The bed itself – The most important item in your bedroom!

I will start with the bed. Obviously I have the perfect mattress but I’m open to ideas about the style and type of bed that would suit our needs. If I can persuade Mr B I think a double TV bed would be ideal. Oak Furniture Company has this amazing white-painted oak furniture set and the bed is just the look I’d want for our bedroom. It’s got that fresh look as well as style and practicality.

Bedroom decor for me needs to be minimalist. I don’t like a huge amount of clutter in the bedroom, because of course its a room for sleeping and relaxing! I like plenty of cushions on the bed to prop myself when I’m reading. I love this post here on the do’s and don’ts of bedroom design, great tips!

Furniture for the bedroom must include a wardrobe of some description. I do plan in the future to get fitted wardrobes put in when I’ve saved up enough. I like to have a couple of bedside cabinets as well as a chest of drawers, got to keep my pants and socks somewhere!

Some people like wall art and pictures in their bedroom, I’m not a fan though, but I have seen those stickers of quotes and phrases you can add to your feature wall that look pretty good.

I think the place to start decorating your new bedroom would be deciding the colour scheme. Do you go for neutral colours, relaxing or bold and beautiful? Once you know what you want, you can start building your ideas from there.

I hope this post has been helpful for you today, thanks for stopping by.

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