Is Your Garden Summer Ready?

We’re in July now, the peak of garden party season. Really by now your garden probably is in a tip-top condition, however, here’s a quick checklist for yourself before you host your next garden party this weekend.


A big tidy up

Chances are you’ve already had your big spring tidy up around the house, but did you pay the same courtesy to your garden? Check if trees or hedges need trimming down or if the crawling ivy has completely taken over your garden. This is an excellent time to tidy those up and hopefully catch a bit of tan in the process.

Of course, don’t forget to take care of your lawn! To make it a bit easier on yourself next year (and this year), you could consider installing an artificial grass lawn. That should save you some time tidying up as a fake grass lawn will look lush all year round.

getting your garden Summer ready

Treat wood

During the dryer, days schedule in to inspect and treat and wooden structures in your garden such as a deck, the fence or a shed. Wood tends to get damaged when exposed to high levels of moisture and low temperatures, so examining those after the winter and repairing what requires repairs will ensure they last you longer! It’s also essential for ensuring these structures remain safe!

Additionally, you can add a fresh layer of pain to those to make the overall appearance of your garden a lot tidier. If you prefer a more natural look varnishing the wood is also a good option, and it also adds a protective layer against moisture damage for upcoming winter!

Finish off with a rinse or more like a blast

If you have a chance, jet wash your patio. It will help with removing all the winter muck, dirt and debris off of the patio. Additionally, it’s also good fun to play around with. After a good clean your patio will look so much, and you won’t have to suffer any embarrassment when inviting your friends over! Maybe even make a party out of it? Host a deck jet washing party on a hot summer day – having additional hands on this will help get it done quicker.

Whatever state your garden is and however the to-do list is, once complete you’ve rightfully will have earned to put your feet up and enjoy a bit of fun with your friends Having a hammock from would finish off the garden completely. Just the thought of freshly grilled food with a nice drink relaxing in the hammock, mmm… Alright, well, I have got to go jet wash my patio.

is your garden ready for Summer

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  1. Thanks for the tips,ive just had a new garden,put in,due to Asbesto’s being found in the ground,so have a whole new lawn/fence,i’m watering it daily x

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