How To Create Your Sustainable Garden

Living the “Good Life” is becoming a more popular choice. Grow your own is becoming the norm if you have your own garden or allotment. In fact, even if you have a window, people are growing food from inside. I think it’s a fantastic way forward. But how can you create a sustainable garden? and what is a sustainable garden?

sustainable garden tips - planting seedlings

Sustainable Gardening – What is it?

So a sustainable garden is a garden that is able to sustain itself without or very few outside resources, pesticides or other chemicals. It’s an organic garden that is in balance.

To grow plants in your garden we need natural resources like water, landscape, soil, and sunshine. Using these resources smartly is a part of creating a sustainable garden.

Tips on how to create a sustainable garden

  • Use water wisely – I have a couple of water butts to hold the rainwater for watering in the Summer. Using sprinklers can cause unnecessary water to be wasted.
  • Recycling – save the grass cuttings to make compost. Also, clippings, cuttings, leaves, paper and peelings from the home and garden can all be composted.
  • Use fewer power tools
  • Using seeds to start – Buy vegetable seeds to start off your garden for the first year, then you can collect seeds for using the next year.
  • Commit to being organic and use no chemicals – Let nature do its work. Ladybirds are great for getting rid of aphids.
  • Propagate new plants for free from species that grow well in your garden
  • Choose plants wisely for your garden – Think of plants that complement one another. Such as planting onions and carrots together to help protect each other from carrot and onion flies. Garlic planted under roses deters greenfly. Growing more perennials instead of annuals. Think about climate conditions for your area and grow more drought tolerant plants that suck up less water.

Well, there you have a few tips on how to create your sustainable garden.

What ideas do you have for your garden?

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6 thoughts on “How To Create Your Sustainable Garden

  1. I am disabled but have put in raised beds, and I now grow quite a lot of own vegetables and fruit, I have now got the children involved with their own small veg trug, hopefully it will encourage them to eat more vegetables

  2. I love my garden, like you and I grow many flowers and vegetables from seed. I use beer traps to deter slugs and compost all my vegetable and fruit peelings and tea leaves and coffee ground too.

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