Top Tips – What To Grow In Winter Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetables is not only cheaper, it’s a great hobby that gets you in the fresh air, and healthy for the whole family. But at this time of year it’s tricky to know what to plant and grow or even if you can vegetables. So for today’s post on top tips I’m sharing with you what to grow in Winter vegetable garden.

What To Grow In Winter Vegetable Garden

Last year we moved to a house with a great garden with lots of potential. Then I got pregnant within a few weeks and had horrendous morning sickness. Combined with looking after a 1-year-old and working full-time, time was limited. So the garden was put on the back burner until earlier this year.

After recovering from my c-section I got out and planted my fruit bushes. Blueberries, red gooseberry, yellow raspberries, blackberry and a cherry tree. But I still didn’t get around to planting any vegetables, oh the life of a busy mum of two!

Therefore it was my mission to research Winter harvest vegetables, what Winter vegetables to grow in pots. Plus answer the question, growing tomatoes in greenhouse in Winter, is this possible? We all eat tomatoes all year round, whether in a sandwich, salad or on a pizza! It would make a lot of sense to grow your own and save on food miles.

Starting off I will list the vegetables of what you can grow in a Winter vegetable garden in the UK.

What To Grow In Winter Vegetable Garden

  • Onions and Shallots – These will look after themselves in the Winter months. But if there is hard frost and snow, it might be wise to throw a fleece or some kind of covering over them for some protection. Be wary where you plant the onions as they have a really long growing season and may not be ready to harvest until next Summer, and you may need to plant around them in the Spring.
  • Spring Onions – Hardy little things, Spring onions are. They will be ready to harvest for your salads come Spring.
  • Garlic – Very much like onions. Garlic have a long growing season so if you plant now in the Autumn they will be ready for next Summer.
  • Broad Beans and Peas – Autumn sowing of these two will see you harvesting up to a month earlier than if you planted in the Spring.
  • Asparagus – You can plant Asparagus in the Autumn. But be warned they take an extremely long time to establish and grow. It will be two years before you can harvest any.
  • Chard and Kale – Both of these are hardy plants and can survive cold temperatures. They can be the earliest sources of spring greens in your garden when planted in the Autumn.

Top Tips - What To Grow In Winter Vegetable Garden

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Winter vegetables to grow in pots

If you are a beginner gardener, or a busy mum with little time, why not consider growing vegetables in pots. It’s easy!

You could have a go at trying these:

  • Radishes
  • Kale
  • Potatoes
  • Winter greens
  • Peas and Beans – you would need a large enough pot to contain a bamboo structure for support.

Can you grow tomatoes in a greenhouse in Winter?

Back to my question from earlier. Is it possible to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse in the Winter months?

I’ve found out that you can plant a type of carrot called Adelaide in a greenhouse in November and it would be ready to harvest in early Spring. You can also plant Winter salad leaves such as lambs lettuce, mustard, and land cress in your greenhouse. Plus with these you can cut some leaves and pop back again to cut more when you need to.

Can you grow tomatoes in a greenhouse in Winter?

Photo by www.zanda. photography on Unsplash

So can you grow tomatoes though in a greenhouse during the Winter months? and the answer is YES! But there is a big but! You will need to care for the plants and be very vigilant at all times. Growing tomatoes in the Winter is “off-season”. Tomato plants rely on lots of light and warmth to produce big juicy red tomatoes and in the Winter both of these are limited. Therefore you would need a green house that has a heater and light on all the time. If I’m being honest it’s not really productive as you would be using lots of energy to keep them well-lit and warm through cold Winter temperatures.


Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have found some answers to your Winter vegetables and What To Grow In Winter Vegetable Garden

You can check out my gardening section here for more handy tips.

*This is a collaborative post.


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  1. Will have to bookmark this for my husband to read, my 6 year old got into gardening at school and hes caught the gardening bug too.

  2. Always hard to think of what to grow in winter some great ideas , we use loads Of onions so should give them a go .

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