Building A Child-Friendly Garden

The garden is one place in the home that is a must when you have children. Children need a place to run, to play and to learn about nature and a garden is the perfect place for all that to happen. If you are lucky enough to have a house that is attached to a large expanse of space out the back, then you’re going to be clamouring for ideas on how to make your garden the perfect place for the kids to play.

Adults love a garden to be able to plant beautiful flowers and entertain guests with a delicious barbecue. Children love it as a place to explore, let off some steam and generally just go a little wild outside the house. The key thing that your garden will always need is to be safe. There’s nothing safe about ponds that are open without fencing, low-hanging trees with unruly branches or gravel that just waits around for little knees to land on it. Everything that you choose for your garden is going to impact the safety of your children, so to get it right the first time, check out the tips below for the safest garden possible for your family:

Building a child-friendly garden

Trees. You don’t get very many trees in gardens given that a garden is usually quite a compact space for a house. However, when you do get them you have to decide whether you want to cut them back. If they are encroaching on space, you can view more here about how to get them taken care of so that they are tidier and don’t interrupt the aesthetic. Obviously, it’s lovely to have small trees in the garden, so don’t get rid of it entirely unless you absolutely have to.

Grass. One of the best options around for grass when you have children is artificial grass. It’s durable and so can withstand children running and playing on it. It’s also not muddy, so you don’t have to worry about the rain turning your grass into a swamp that makes your kids slip!

Fencing. Most gardens have a level of fencing in between them to separate the space between you and the neighbours. When it comes to your garden, you should ensure that the fencing is high enough that the children can’t climb over it or push it over. It should also be secure, with padlocks on any gates.

Decking. Decking in good quality wood can give your garden exactly what it needs to have the wow factor, but in wet weather it can get extremely slippery. Anti-slip decking is a much better use of your cash when you want to spend out n your garden, as you can reduce accidents and not have to yell not to run a thousand times a day.


Making your garden child friendly can be so easy with a little creativity and know-how. Take your time to understand your personal needs, and you’ll be in the garden of your dreams in no time at all.


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