10 Gardening Tips that Will Benefit Any Garden

No matter how big or small your garden or how experienced a gardener you are, you need these top gardening tips because, after all, your garden is a haven of peace and tranquillity… or you would like it to be!

Isn’t it great, coming home from a busy day at the office to sit and enjoy the sunset from the garden bench surrounding by sweet-scented flowers and pretty shrubs? Or is it? Are there shrubs that seem to have taken over the flower border and, try as hard as you might, delphiniums just won’t flourish in your outdoor space? You need these top gardening tips…

10 gardening tips to benefit your garden

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#1 Invest in a quality wooden benches

Wooden benches are not all the same so take care when buying ‘bargains’. Softwood will last no longer than a few seasons, even with all the care and attention you will give it. Invest in hardwood wooden benches for not only longevity but spectacular style too.

#2 Mulch

Weeds are a nuisance and although you don’t want to spend all your time weeding and tilling the soil, you may have to. Unless that is, you plant ground covering plants and/or a layer of mulch to keep the weeds under control. Use a thin weed repellent cover underneath for extra effectiveness.

#3 Sow from seed

Whether you grow plants in pots on a balcony and in window boxes or have a back garden that is a third of an acre, growing from seed is a much cheaper way of padding out your garden with fantastic plants and flowers. But not only that, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a tiny seed burst into life and grow into a big, bushy shrub, festooned with flowers!

#4 Fragrance

Choose plants that come with a sweet perfume about them. From lavender to sweet peas, there are many varieties of scented summer flowers that smell simply beautiful.

#5 Grow herbs

When it comes to ground cover and cost-effective planting there has always been one winner: herbs.

From lemon-scented scented leaves to the heady fragrance and taste of freshly-plucked mint and basil, there are many herb varieties that you can grow in your garden. From pots to borders, there is a spot in your outdoor space that a herb would love to grow. There are a few pointers to planting and caring for herbs in the garden, but they are easy to grow, giving you plenty of tasty leaves for your summer salads and dishes.

#6 Get tropical

We assume that our temperate climate will not be suitable for more tropical varieties of plant and in the very northern fringes of our island, this may be true. BUT, in most places, tropical plants, hardy in their own right, will grow and flourish.

Palms, for example, can grow relatively tall, perfect for providing shade for a sunny garden. They are great for helping drainage in soil too. There are many varieties of other leafy tropical plants too.

#7 Evergreen with grass

And we are not talking about the lawn! Grasses are a great addition to any garden, giving it a contemporary feel that is simply lush. The other great thing about grasses is that as well as being easy to grow, they add an extra sensory experience to the garden.

Is there anything more relaxing than sitting in the garden, listening to the summer breeze rustling the long, thin fronds of an ornamental grass? Try it!

But then you may be thinking about the jobs you need to get done in the Winter. Mummy Matters has a great list!

#8 Meadow mania

Bees and other insects need our help – their habitat is under pressure and with less and fewer flowers to feed on, the bee population is under serious threat. Luckily, we can right this wrong by planting native plant species in a corner of the garden that you can call your meadow.

As well as helping the bees, you are also helping to save several native species of plant. Easy to create and care for, you will be amazed at the impact a meadow corner will have on your garden.

#9 Perennial groundcover plants

The often-unsung hero of hard-to-grow corners of the garden is hardy perennial ground covering plants. You may know them as Alpines but these tiny plants are used to tough, cold conditions on a mountainside. And they will thrive in the dusty dry patches of your lawn too. Plant them and leave them, trimming and mowing them as you do the rest of the lawn for a bushy habit.

#10 Companion planting

Gardeners have long known that some plants, especially fruit and veg, produce better harvests when they are planted with a companion plant – that is, one that puts off pests and leaves the vegetable plant to thrive and flourish.


With just a small effort, any garden can become simply fabulous, lush and green. What gardening tip would you add to the list?


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10 gardening tips that will benefit any garden

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