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Today I’m on the blog tour for Deep Fear by Rachel Lynch. A perfect crime thriller to get stuck into this Summer. On this tour I’m happy to share with you an extract from the book, to give you a little taster.

Deep Fear Cover

Book Description

DI Kelly Porter is back. But will this new case push her beyond her limits?

On a peaceful summer’s morning in the Lake District, a woman’s body is discovered outside a church. She’s been murdered and a brutal, symbolic act performed on her corpse. DI Kelly Porter is in charge of the team investigating the crime, and is determined to bring the killer to justice. But as more deaths occur it is clear this is the work of a disturbed, dangerous and determined individual. Can Kelly put the puzzle pieces together before the danger comes closer to home?

Don’t miss this gripping crime thriller featuring an unforgettable detective. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Patricia Gibney and Robert Bryndza.


Brandy Carter swaggered into the children’s play area, and made her way over to a group of kids, who were playing on the swings.

‘Got some pocket money for me, then?’ Brandy said. Her chin jutted out and her eyes were menacing. The younger kids stopped playing, and several of them dug their hands into pockets. There were no adults around; Brandy was the oldest there. She half smiled, revealing stained teeth, and she coughed, forcing her hand out of her pocket to catch whatever landed on it; she wiped it on her jeans. She wore a hoody and this only served to make her look more sinister to her innocent victims. One boy, of perhaps nine years old, moved towards the front of the group and stood up to her.

‘We don’t have to give you anything,’ he said.

For a moment, the other children stopped digging around for something with which to pay off their tormentor, and watched to see what would happen. They didn’t have to wait long.

Brandy shot a hand out and grabbed the boy’s hair. He didn’t resist and his eyes filled with terror. He’d tried to stand up for his mates, but had only succeeded in making an idiot of himself. He wished his mam was here.

‘Anyone else want a piece of me?’ Brandy growled.

The children shook their heads and Brandy let the nine-year-old go. The boy rubbed his head and handed Brandy a pound coin. The older girl smiled again and the other children followed suit.

‘What’s this shit?’ Brandy held up a packet of sweets.

‘I haven’t got any money,’ a small girl said.

‘Well, fucking make sure you bring some next time, you little bitch.’ Brandy swiped her hand across the girl’s ear, making the girl wince and tears come to her eyes.

The language shocked the children and made them compliant. They heard stuff like it on You Tube, but this was right in front of them, here in Arogan Park, Penrith, and they froze in fear. Several of them started to cry, and Brandy made baby noises in response. Nobody moved as Brandy counted her booty, she’d stolen the best part of seven pounds and she lumbered off, pleased with herself.

After leaving the park, she made her way across the recreation field, towards a block of flats that was a home of sorts. She rarely went back to her mam’s. Brandy’s mother, when sober, was a violent creature and liked to throw fag ends at her daughter. The new man in her mother’s life liked to go a little further with his girlfriend’s daughter, and threatened her with his fists. At first, Brandy had been grateful for the notes he gave her for quick blow jobs, but the money had stopped and he’d begun to expect it for free.

So she’d kind of moved in with Bick. His flat was grubby, but it was warm, and he gave her free drugs in kind. He was rough, but he always said sorry afterwards. For now, she had enough to buy a packet of fags, and she was happy. She scratched at the angry red spots under her nose, and her eyes went watery when she lit up a cigarette.

When she opened the door to Bick’s place, three of his mates were playing Xbox. Brandy didn’t understand what attracted them to the games, but at least it kept them off her case.

‘Give us a fag, Brands,’ one of them asked. She flicked one over to him; another ploy to keep them away. The boys played the same games over and over again, and Brandy wondered why none of them ever got bored. Boys: they’re so dumb, she thought. The TV rocked with gunshots and cars screeching, as well as the odd scream of a woman being brutalised.

Nice. No wonder they all turned out dickheads, she thought.

Bick came in and tutted when he saw her. She knew that she wasn’t the best looking girl in his life, but she helped around the flat, keeping it as clean as she could with dirty men coming and going through it. She watched him as he took off his jacket, which he wore every day, regardless of the temperature. It was a Golddigga parka, and Bick thought he looked like a You Tuber who posted videos out of Compton, LA.


Bick kept his cap on, but turned it the wrong way round. His jeans slipped past his butt and he walked with an arrogant swagger. He went over to the other lads and picked up a fourth controller, and began to play.

Brandy sat and smoked for a while, but was soon bored, so she asked Bick if she could have a wrap.

‘Jesus, girl, you fucking eat that stuff! Your brain gonna fry, Brands,’ Bick said, and he went back to the console. Over the years she’d known him, he’d perfected a kind of Jamaican street slang that he heard on the games he played, his friends did the same.

‘Please, Bick, I’ll pay you back,’ Brandy said.

She could see that he was thinking about it. He was so engrossed in the game with Monk and Tinny, that he ignored her for a few minutes until he remembered that she was still there.

‘Fine, go take a shower.’ He reached into his pocket and threw her a wrap. It was worth a tenner, and he was giving it to her for free, but nothing from Bick was ever free. She looked at him and slowly, a smirk began to spread across his face. She didn’t like it, and she felt vulnerable suddenly. Monk and Tinny could take things a little too far, and she had no other place to go, besides; she needed a hit. Her tummy turned over. She hoped they wouldn’t hurt her.

Outside, across the street from the block of flats where Bick, Monk and Tinny waited for Brandy to have her shower, a figure turned and walked away. Brandy Carter had just become a candidate.


Title: Deep Fear

Author Name: Rachel Lynch

Previous Books : Dark Game

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Police Procedural

Release Date: 21st May 2018

Publisher: Canelo

Links to Book:

Amazon (UK)

Kobo (UK)

Google Books (UK)

Apple Books (UK)

Author Bio:

Rachel Lynch grew up in Cumbria and the lakes and fells are never far away from her. London pulled her away to teach History and marry an Army Officer, whom she followed around the globe for thirteen years. A change of career after children led to personal training and sports therapy, but writing was always the overwhelming force driving the future. The human capacity for compassion as well as its descent into the brutal and murky world of crime are fundamental to her work.

Author Photo:

Rachel Lynch

Author Social Media Links

Twitter: @r_lynchcrime

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