What You Should Be Considering When Purchasing Home Insurance

When your a homeowner, having insurance is one of the priorities to get sorted. There are many factors to consider when looking at home insurance such as price, what level of cover you’re receiving, excess that needs to be paid and many others. Whether you are simply renewing your policy, looking for a new one or moving home there’s is a lot to think about when it comes to protecting your home and belongings. 

Have a look here at some of the areas you should make sure you are covered for when looking at home insurance: 

What You Should Be Considering When Purchasing Home Insurance

The Building

If you own your home, one of the most important things you need to make sure that you’re covered for your building and the possibility that you may need it, for you to be covered for your building to be rebuilt. You will need building insurance, it will give you financial protection against things such as fires and floods. You will need to consider things such as how much it would cost to rebuild your home completely when looking at the level of cover you need. 


As well as covering your building you are going to want to cover your contents for any potential damages or sometimes even theft. Try completing an inventory of all your items, room by room and then calculate how much total cover you will need. Allow for new purchases too. Don’t underestimate how much your contents are worth though, this could make things difficult in the future if you ever needed to make a claim. If you have certain items of value it could be worth getting individual insurance for these. 

Accidental Damage And Breakdowns

It’s normally the case that you will cover for accidental damages and some breakdowns such as your fridge breakdown, where your contents will often be covered. If you don’t find that the level of cover that is provided though you can always opt to pay for extra cover to help in sticky situations. Make sure you watch out for anything that might be excluded, damages that are caused by neglect or services not being carried out aren’t always covered. It’s always worth reading the fine print and understanding exactly what is covered. 

Gardens, Frozen Goods And Keys 

It could be worth your while checking that you’re covered for these simple areas as although they may seem like petty things to be covered they are often the most likely things to go wrong. Check that you are protected against theft or loss of keys, the cost of replacing your locks. Replacing fridge/freezer food if the were to break and if you’re covered for items or damages to your garden as these aren’t always covered as a standard in a basic policy. You don’t want to store things in your outbuilding to late discover it wasn’t covered in the first place. 

These are just a few areas that you should try to focus on when looking at a home insurance policy. Are there any other areas that you think should be considered? Please share them in the comments section below. 

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