5 Ways to Cleanse Your Body of Negative Energy

Even the most spiritual and conscious of people pick up on negative energy from those around them. That doesn’t mean they have to live with the metaphysical distress it causes indefinitely. There are plenty of practical and effective ways to cleanse your body of negative energy.

Instead of focusing on that metaphysical distress and making the problem worse, come up with a daily routine to combat negative energy. Read on to find out about five ways to get started cleansing your body and the mind.

5 Ways to Cleanse Your Body of Negative Energy

Practice Yoga

Any kind of movement is a great way to move energy around and increase positive forces in the body, but yoga stands out as a means of both cleansing the body and reinvigorating the mind. Those who are new to the practice may want to start with relatively gentle forms such as mountain pose and yin yoga. Just make sure to purchase a high-quality, comfortable yoga mat like those available at 42birds.com before beginning to practice yoga.

Raise Vibrations With Sound

Traditional methods for using sound to raise vibrations and get rid of negative energy stored within the body include using drums, gongs, bells, rattles, and singing bowls. Those who are working on a budget need not buy fancy instruments, although it can be grounding to have a special drum or a set of singing bowls set aside explicitly for this purpose. Clapping, chanting, and singing can all be just as helpful and those who prefer to use rattles can always place some dried beans in a container for a no-mess, close to a zero-dollar solution or even learn how to make their own instruments.

Smile and Laugh

It has long been said that laughter is the best medicine. There’s nothing like a deep belly laugh to get rid of lingering negative energy in the body and improve vibrations. Watch a funny movie, call a friend who’s always got a good joke on hand, or try a practice known as laughter yoga.

Let Go of Emotions

Empathetic people are prone to holding onto the negativity of others in their own emotions. While they can’t change how other people’s vibrations without their consent, conscious empaths can improve their own vibrations by letting go of negative emotions. Those who have difficulty letting go can try reframing their emotional states by telling themselves things like, “I feel angry” instead of “I am angry.”

Try Meditation

Learning how to let go and raise vibrations consciously is hard. It’s often useful to establish a formal practice, at least at first, and meditation offers a perfect means of clearing the air. There are a lot of different schools of meditation, but most beginners like to start by choosing a mantra.

Sit down in a lotus position, close the eyes either fully or partially, and start repeating the mantra while paying attention to your breathing pattern. Traditional mantras for cleansing negative energy include “Om Shanti Om,” “Om Namo Narayana,” and “Om Benza Satto Hum,” but practitioners can come up with their own mantras, too.

The Bottom Line

There’s no denying that empathetic people have a harder time than most letting go of negativity. While avoiding negative people and negative influences can help, it’s important to establish a daily cleansing routine. Incorporate at least a few of the techniques listed above and practice every day, ideally before bed or upon waking, when life has calmed down and practitioners can focus on themselves to get rid of all that pent-up negativity and raise vibrations to positive levels.

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