5 Tips On Creating A Child Friendly Garden

As my daughter gets older she is loving the outdoors more than ever. Last Summer the weather was amazing and she was outside before 9 am most days and didn’t come in until nearly bedtime. I have made sure that the garden is a child friendly garden by following these tips. Of course I’m sure you have your own tips, but these are pretty good ones! We all want our children to play in a safe space don’t we?

5 Tips On Creating A Child Friendly Garden

Preparing the garden

Before you start planning the garden area for the children you may want to get the gardening services in to do the tidying and clear up any garden waste, overgrown areas and so forth. They may even help you with designing your garden just get in touch for a garden quote.

Make a play area

Making a safe play area is key. It puts your mind at rest as well. A  safe play area can be made using play bark as the base. It is a soft landing for any falls and saves scraped knees. Perfect to use under swings, slides and other play equipment. Make an area for the sand pit and water table that can be shaded if possible from the hot Summer sun.


You want safe and secure fencing around your garden to keep your kids in. We are lucky to have a lovely high wall around the back garden, which I’m thinking about painting one part with blackboard paint so it can be used to draw on with chalk. We’ve recently invested in a fence around our front garden. Our daughter was always escaping through the bushes onto the main pathway. Heading towards the road to get down to the swings at the park. It scared the hell out of me, too many times.

Plant child friendly flowers

If your children are anything like my daughter, they will be fascinated with plants. In your flower patch you need to have child friendly flowers that are safe and not poisonous. Safe flowers for kids include sunflowers, lavender and daisy’s. I think sunflowers are most children’s favourites. Poisonous flowers for children include bluebells, Lily of the Valley, daffodils and foxgloves. If in doubt, ask for advice from a gardener.

Keep gardening tools away

All children are curious little souls, and will be investigating your most dangerous tools if they are not locked away. This goes for garden chemicals as well. Your lawnmower, gardening fork, and shears are dangerous items for little investigators, so please lock them all away in your shed or garage.

Create a small kitchen garden

This is something I’m aiming to do next year with my daughter. A small kitchen garden for her to grow herbs and lettuce. As she grows older it will grow with her.

I would love to hear your ideas for a child friendly garden. 

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5 TIPS ON CREATING A CHILD FRIENDLY GARDEN - Are you looking to child proof your garden? Check out these tips to make your garden child safe. Tips to make a secure area for the kids to play in. #gardenideas #gardendesign #childrensplayarea

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15 thoughts on “5 Tips On Creating A Child Friendly Garden

  1. We are very lucky both of our schools have gardening clubs and my grandson has just brought in some plants and a bottle composter hes made

  2. Useful tips. It’s important to stress to kids that they should not eat anything from the garden or hedgerows without asking an adult first. There are too many plants that product tempting-looking berries that are poisonous.

  3. Great tips. I was very surprised to learn that daffodils are poisonous. You learn something new every day!

  4. many thanks for the child friendly garden tips! good to have a play area, with perhaps a slide and some swings. A paddling pool in the summer is nice too x

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