Peppa Pig: My First Calendar

Next month sees baby girl heading off to preschool. I have no idea how she turned 3 so quickly! She is like a sponge, picking up new things every day. When I have my own calendar and diary out she is always intrigued by asking questions. So now is the ideal opportunity to get her own calendar. Danilo was kind enough to send us a Peppa Pig My First Calendar to look at.

Peppa Pig: My First Calendar
Peppa Pig: My First Calendar

Peppa Pig is huge in our house, like a lot of other houses with preschoolers I’d imagine! If Peppa Pig isn’t your little ones thing, other options include Paw Patrol and PJ Masks.

Peppa Pig: My First Calendar

What we thought of My First Calendar

My First Calendar puts all everyday important facts into one in this fantastic interactive calendar. So not only do you have the days of the week. You also have times of the day, seasons, months, weather and temperature.

Peppa Pig: My First Calendar - My First Calendar - times of the day
My First Calendar - seasons

It’s non dated so you can start at any time of the year. Ideal age range is preschool to key stage 1. I do think it’s a brilliant learning aid which combines learning and fun. Not only can it be used at home, it would be great for nurseries and schools.

The whole range of My First Calendar’s are bright and colourful and printed on thick and glossy durable card. Also included is a wipe-free pen. Which can be used to write in My Week, adding parties and appointments where neccesary.

My First Calendar - - my week appointments

A great little feature of the calendar is that the days and months are on card discs that can rotated to choose the correct day/month which can be seen through the small window. The weather and time of day sections include movable arrows to spin around. There is also a magnetic yellow cloud (I call it!) to use to put over the correct temperature. This all creates the engagement and fun to learning.

My First Calendar - months

You can hang it on the wall or leave it on the table, which ever you prefer.

Would your little one use a calendar like this one?

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