The Best Sources Of Travel Inspiration

There are just so many awesome places to visit all over the world, it can sometimes be difficult to narrow it down to just one destination for your next trip. This is why it’s worth trying to find some inspiration for your travels. There are loads of great sources of travel inspiration that can help you decide where you should go on your next holiday, so if you are ever struggling to decide, it is always worth trying to tap into one of them for some ideas.

Not sure where to look for your travel inspiration? Here are some of the best sources out there.

Not sure where to look for your travel inspiration? Here are some of the best sources out there.

Films and TV

Films and TV are shot in some truly spectacular locations around the globe. After all, you only have to see some of the gorgeous landscapes in TV shows like Game of Thrones to be inspired to pack your bags and head off to see some truly majestic sights. Filming locations for various movies and TV programmes are now popular travel destinations, and there are even some websites, like Travelbag’s interactive Bucket List Blockbusters travellers’ guide, that help tourists make the pilgrimage to where their favourites were shot. Believe me, this is the closest you’ll get to being on a real-life film set!


If you don’t already follow some travel Instagrammers, it’s worth taking a look to see who you could add to your follow list. There are so many influencers who live as digital nomads and document their travels on their grid. They will also take you with them in their stories and will show you exactly what they discover in the various destinations they visit. You never know, you might be so intrigued by one of the locations they go to, that you end up booking your own trip there!

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Friends And Family

If you still can’t decide where to travel to, why not ask your friends and family if they have been anywhere amazing recently? If your loved ones are keen travellers, I’m sure they will have some great travel advice. They’ll also be able to tell you about their accommodation and will also offer you some great recommendations for things like restaurants, day trips, and tourist attractions.

Monaco Harbour - Travel inspiration

Travel Blogs

It’s also worth taking a look at a few travel blogs. There are so many different travel bloggers out there these days, all of whom have their own niche and different viewpoint on the world. Try to find one who has similar interests to you, as the destinations that they visit will probably appeal to you the most.

Historical Events

You might even be inspired to visit the locations that played a big part in historical events. For instance, you might want to visit Belgium to see some of the First World War battlefields or head to Rome to see some of the beautiful buildings left behind by the ancient Romans.

So, which of these will be your go-to source for travel inspiration? Once you’ve been inspired, you just need to book!

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