When Will Life Get Back To Normal?

These past two weeks I’ve been struggling. When will life get back to normal?

When Will Life Get Back To Normal?

Back around the middle of May, I asked for L to be put down to start back at preschool at the beginning of June. But I found out this week, her preschool isn’t opening up yet. If I’m being honest I was looking forward to her going back. She needs structure and stretching. She’s a very smart girl and well advanced for her age. I’m no teacher and find it hard to keep her focused and interested for more than 10 minutes.

Trying to work from home with a 4 and a 2 year old is virtually impossible. Housework is nonexistent as I’m trying to juggle everything at once. If I turn my back for 2 minutes they trash the house! How do you cope? I’d love to know your secrets! I did find this great post on self-care in stressful times useful for my own mental health.

I just want life to go back to normal. I hope we can get some kind of normal back. Or get used to the “new normal”.

It was great the first few weeks being at home with the girls, during lockdown. But the past few weeks it’s got progressively harder. L gets frustrated, starts stamping her foot and hitting back. She’s never done that before. I’ve noticed her talking less and less about her friends at preschool until I bring the up in conversation.

I totally understand why some parents want to keep their children home until September, but I doubt the situation will majorly change by then. For me it’s more detrimental for her mental health and mine by keeping her away from preschool. Everyone has their own reasons, and I totally respect that. But seeing people having the choice to send theirs back and they don’t is hard for me, knowing I want to send L back but can’t. What a strange situation to be in! My mother-in-law normally looks after little Dottie for a few mornings a week. But she obviously can’t at the moment. I’ve given her some things to do at home when leaving the house isn’t an option to keep her mind active.

When will life get back to normal, and what will life after lockdown be like? I really hope it’s soon. At the moment I look forward to the weekends like you wouldn’t believe, so Mr B is around to help. It takes the pressure off somewhat, and I can breathe.

Thanks for reading my waffling and venting. This is one reason I love my little blog. My space to write, what I’m feeling. Sometimes I do find it hard to express the way I feel. Sometimes I do put my big foot in it. But that’s me.

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5 thoughts on “When Will Life Get Back To Normal?

  1. i dont think we will ever get back to normal as such , but i have kept myself busy doing gardening and baking o stop myself worrying about this strange time we are in now

  2. Candid posts are the best posts. Housework can wait. Hope preschool opens soon.
    Yes, we will all appreciate normal when we get it back.

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