What We Enjoyed in September

I’m super late with last month’s what we enjoyed in September round-up post this month. Life has been CRAZY! You can catch up with the last months just here – What we enjoyed in August.

What we enjoyed in September The 4 of us at Bluestone 2019
The 4 of us at Bluestone 2019

So where do I start with September, well it was the start of L’s preschool year at her nursery. She looks so cute in her uniform. But where has my rainbow baby gone? In the last few month’s she has grown in many ways and has such an adorable personality. She loves to dress up in her doctor’s uniform (my mum turned an old white shirt into a doctor’s coat for her) and gets out her doctor’s kit for us to be her patients.

Little Dottie has been having a terrible time teething, but all her teeth are nearly through now and she only just 18 months old. She’s learning more words all the time. After she’s had a rough night she wakes up saying “I’m better” It’s so cute. We have got rid of the highchair now, as she loves to eat with her sister at their little table. Removing the highchair was the last piece of the baby equipment. It was a tearful moment that the baby days are far behind us now. I’m still enjoying breastfeeding, and she shows no sign yet of giving up! At this point with L, I found out I was pregnant with little Dottie so I did wean her off, those last evening feeds. Although at this point she wasn’t really interested anymore.

The weather was beautiful at the start of the month, so we got in some visits to the beach.


After our holiday at Bluestone last year which we enjoyed very much, we knew that we wanted to go back again. At the start of the year, we were luckily invited by Bluestone to come back again. This time they had the new Serendome which had just opened for us to explore.

Serendome Bluestone
Serendome Bluestone
Imagination Garden at Bluestone in the Serendome
Imagination Garden at Bluestone in the Serendome
Little Dottie in the Sand area at the Serendome
Little Dottie in the Sand area at the Serendome

We had the best week at Bluestone. The weather was amazing, good food, long walks and relaxation in the Spa. It was a week we all needed.

Walking the Yellow Trail at Bluestone during the Bwbach Festival
Walking the Yellow Trail at Bluestone
Mr B and I at The Well Spa Retreat
Mr B and I at The Well Spa Retreat

Of course, when you get back from holiday, you start to think of the next one. We’ve been thinking about exploring somewhere totally different and booking cottages in Northumberland is an option for a family-friendly holiday for us.


Instead of going home after Bluestone we headed over to Bracknell for the BlogOn Toys Conference at the Coppid Beech hotel.

What we enjoyed in September BlogOn Toys
BlogOn Toys

The BlogOn Goody bag is well known and this year it was the best yet!

BlogOn Toys Goody Bag 2019
BlogOn Toys Goody Bag 2019

Mr B took the girls to Legoland at Windsor while I was at the conference, it wasn’t the best experience they had there and won’t be going back. But we had a lovely time looking around Windsor and Windsor Castle and the Great Park. It was beautiful. The one thing I found so strange was the number of airplanes flying low overhead, not used to it here in Cornwall!

What we enjoyed in September Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle
Lion at Windsor Castle
Lion at Windsor Castle
What we enjoyed in September The Great Park - Windsor
The Great Park – Windsor

At the end of the month, L went to her first birthday party. She had a lovely time. I felt awkward as I didn’t know anyone there, but so long as she enjoyed it was the main thing.

Reviews we’ve enjoyed in September

So for us, September was a crazily busy month but a fantastic one at that! I hope you’ve enjoyed catching up on what we enjoyed in September, I love to look back over these posts.

October is all about Halloween and Pumpkins! If you are local to Cornwall I’ve put together a list of where to go pumpkin picking and Halloween activities in Cornwall and Devon.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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