Owleez Interactive Toy Owl: Teach Me To Fly – Review

*Ad-gifted: We received Owleez an interactive toy in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Kids toys have come along way since I was small. Having an Owleez interactive toy who can fly would have been out of this world. I’m pretty much a big kid myself so getting the chance to check out this cute little owl called Owleez, who you can teach to fly was exciting for both me and L. I’m a huge fan of owl’s they are cute creatures, and of course now ever so popular because of Harry Potter.

Owleez Teach me to Fly

Before I get onto sharing my thoughts on adorable Owleez the flying owl, here is a little bit about her.

Who is Owleez and What Does She Do?

Our Owleez is pink, but you can also get her in white. Retailing at £44.99 from Smyths Toys and Amazon the interactive owl needs your help to learn how to fly. You can practice with her by swinging her through the air and she will let you know how she is by making happy noises. There are over 100 sounds and movements she can do! When she’s ready to start to fly she will let you know and will take off from her nest. The more you practice with her the better she gets at flying, just like any baby owl. She needs a decent amount of room to fly with no objects in the way. Please keep the kids away when she starts to fly in the beginning. It will hurt a little if she hits you in the chest!!

Owleez Interactive Toy Owl: Teach Me To Fly - Review

Owleez has beautiful eyes that light up in many different colours depending on her mood and how she responds to your touch. She loves to be fed with her berry accessory. Stroke her head to cheer her up. You can also tickle her tummy to keep her happy. Owleez loves to sing and dance to her own beat when she’s joyful.

Stroking Owleez
owleez with her fruit

Her eye colour is dependent on her mood. If Owleez if feeling unwell, her eye colour will show this, so you can refer back to the chart included. As an example, if she’s feeling a little gassy, her eyes will turn green. To make her feel better, refer to the chart where it says to pick her up and pat her on the back. I suggest keeping the handy chart to hand until you learn to know her ways.


  • 1 x Pink Owleez interactive toy,
  • 1 x Berry food accessory,
  • 1 x nest
  • Teach your owl to fly
  • Charges via USB
  • Responds to touch with sounds
  • Sings and dances to their own beat
  • Dimensions: 15L x 11.5W x 23H cm

How To Get Owleez To fly

The flying is the best part by far. When Owleez’s eyes are white, move her up and down pretty fast. She will make a funny weeeeee sound and make a loud trumpeting noise (I don’t know how else to explain it!) her eyes will change colour and then you must put her back in the nest. She will then gain up speed and her little propellers will come out as her neck lifts up. At this point stand back! I did notice that she needs to be fully charged to fly and will need 5 feet clearance of objects.

Owleez learning to take off from her nest
Owleez getting her propellers out
Owleez Interactive Toy leaving her nest to fly

When Owleez crashes back down, she will be sad so will need a little comforting. If you pop her back on the nest her propellers will go back in. Don’t force them back. She is pretty resilient and will take a few crashes!

What We Think of the Owleez Interactive Toy

Owleez is a cutie, we love how she has her own little personality that you can encourage to come out. The noises she makes are hilarious at times and so sweet. She is an adorable companion and once you learn how to cater to her needs, it makes the interactive element so much fun.

Owleez Interactive Toy Owl: Teach Me To Fly - Review

I’m pleased she is rechargeable through a USB cable and not batteries, it’s much better for the environment. She sits on her nest resting (charging) while I’m on the laptop. Or L watches her “rest” while she is plugged into the wall. We are lucky to have USB sockets in our house.

Overall thoughts are that it’s not a cheap toy by far, but it has a really cool interactive side to it and to see your little one’s face light up when Owleez flies is a memory to keep. Ideal as a showstopper toy for Christmas and will provide hours of fun.

Available from

Amazon, Smyths Toys and Argos

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