Niffler Plush Toys From Fantastic Beasts Crimes Of Grindelwald

I remember exactly when the first Harry Potter book came out. I was hooked. Now years down the line I still love to read all the books over and over again. The Harry Potter world is so magical and extravagant, I can see why JK Rowling has invested her time into the prequel films Fantastic Beasts. The stars of the Fantastic Beasts films in my eyes are the Nifflers. You might ask well, what is a Niffler?

Fantastic Beasts - What is a Niffler and where to find one?

A Niffler is around the size of a guinea pig. It’s a  creature with a long snout and a coat of black, fluffy fur. They’re attracted to shiny things, which made them wonderful for locating treasure, but this also means they could wreak havoc if kept (or set loose) indoors. You could even find them hiding out in your cutlery drawer!! In general they are harmless.

Niffler Plush Toys

You can also get baby Nifflers. We were lucky to get sent some Niffler plush toys. In our pack we received the large grown Niffler, who is a wonderful furry black beast with a long tan soft fleecy snout. Next up is the medium size tan and white baby Niffler toy. He’s adorable. Lastly I have two of the same tiny back and white baby Nifflers. These make excellent stocking fillers for your Harry Potter fan.

What’s not to love about these cute Niffler Fantastic Beasts?

Fantastic Beasts - What is a Niffler and where to find one?

Fantastic Beasts - What is a Niffler and where to find one?


I have yet to see the Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald, but when I do I can’t wait to see the Nifflers, and see what they are getting up to.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Would you like a Niffler plush for Christmas?


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*I was sent these Niffler plush toys in exchange for this post. All my thoughts on Nifflers are my own.

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