Interior design rules that simply need to be broken

When it comes to interior design, there are many rules that are set in stone that people follow to ensure they stay on point with their home decor. After all, they want to ensure their home looks beautiful and is on-trend. But not all interior design rules need to be followed. In fact, if you want to ensure your home decor is unique and bang on point, you should break some of the rules and you will soon find that your home looks amazing. In particular, here are a few interior design rules that simply need to be broken

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Use small furniture in small areas

It’s commonly known that you should try to fill a small place with a small piece of furniture. After all, you don’t want to overwhelm the space so people tend to go for something small which won’t take up much room. For instance, a small table or chair which will fit nicely in the area. However, this is a rule that can be broken because a large piece of furniture can actually create an impact and will be eye catching when people enter the room. You just need a statement piece such as a large tub chair from Sloane and Sons Tub Chairs which will look superb in the small area of the room. Pieces of large art of a significant canvas can also have the same impact in a small area. It can still make a room feel quite spacious rather than compact. You can also go for a tall lampshade which is also a good way of using the space. And don’t be afraid to go for pieces of furniture like a book shelf in the small area. Not only will it stand out in the area, but it offers you more storage which is ideal if you are limited in the property.

Don’t paint the ceiling

A lot of people who are doing interior designing in their home know they should stay away from the ceiling when it comes to painting and wallpapering. But while you should not go for anything too bright and cheery for the ceiling, it actually can be a great way to give the room a much-needed lift and a touch of charm. In fact, statement ceilings are bang on trend at the moment so if you do give your ceiling a makeover, you are still following the crowd. As explained on Brit Co, it’s especially a good idea to give your ceiling a face lift if you have a high ceiling and want to create an unexpected statement in a large space. You should make sure that whatever you choose, it doesn’t look out of sorts with the rest of the decor in the room. You don’t want to make the room look too dull either if you go for a grey or black. But painting the ceiling should definitely be on your radar when interior designing.

Blue and green should not be together

When it comes to fashion and interior designing, blue and green tends to be a no go. But it doesn’t have to be as the two colours can actually play well together as long as you match them properly when decorating your home. You don’t want too much of them both as this can then start to go into the fail zone. But as described on House and Home, the two colours which are both on the cold side of the colour wheel can make a cool combination in a room. Therefore, don’t be afraid to go for them both when decorating your room. For instance, you might want a few green accessories with a blue patterned wallpaper. This will look nice while using both colours in a room in your home.

More than two patterns is a no-go

A lot of people don’t go for more than two patterns for a room as they know it’s one of the biggest rules when it comes to interior designing. After all, it can all clash if you are not careful with the patterns in the room. However, more than two patterns can work in a room if you are brave enough to give it a go. Just go for a small pattern in different areas to make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the room. And ensure you break it up with plain furniture to give people’s eyes a break. You can go for different wallpapers which can create statements and pieces of furniture in different styles can work well.


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if you want to ensure your home decor is unique and bang on point, you should break some of the rules and you will soon find that your home looks amazing. In particular, here are a few interior design rules that simply need to be broken - #home #interiordesign #furniture - see more at
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  1. I think you can definitely use multiple pattterns in a room, provided they are in similar colours and similar style. In our sitting room we have 2 patterned Persian rugs, which have different patterns but they complement each other because the colours used are basically the same: red, dark blue and small amounts of green, rust and cream. On the sofas we have cushions which are black with red cross stitch embroidery on them, and again the red ties in with the carpets.

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