Women’s Running Essentials: 5 Tips for Blazing Through the Streets like It’s Nothing

When running is your go-to stress reliever, your way to stay healthy, or your favorite form of exercise, you start to pick up on little tips and tricks to make it easier and more beneficial. As a woman, there are a few things you have to think about to ensure you run safely, without causing harm to your body.

Women's running essentials
Women’s running essentials

Here are 5 tips you can use to blaze through the streets without resistance or undue stress on your body.

Women’s Must-Haves for Smooth Running

1. The right bra. Yes, that’s right. Your bra is a make or breaks when it comes to running. An uncomfortable bra is going to add stress to your body. Running is a high-impact exercise. Wearing a bra with straps that dig into your shoulders, allow your breasts to bounce, or chafe your skin is not only painful, but it’s not healthy. You need to find the most comfortable bra you can wear that also offers the right support.

Instead, be sure that your bra fits correctly. It should offer just the right level of support for the activity you are involved in. Support bras are available in low, medium and high-impact designs. You should also keep in mind how much breast tissue you have. If you have larger breasts, you should use higher support, but smaller breasted-women may be able to use medium-support bras for running. 

2. Running shoes. Your feet impact the rest of your body, all the way up to your spine. The shoes you wear when you run will determine how much pain your body is in later and how much jarring your spine gets.

Just because you buy name-brand shoes doesn’t mean you’re getting the quality you need for running. Look for shoes that offer a room in the toe area, since your feet tend to swell when you run. You don’t want to end up with blisters. Consider your foot’s arch and choose shoes that support it, hold your heel comfortably, and are flexible.

3. A drink carrier. Staying hydrated is essential when you are exercising. Runners aren’t going to want to “pull over” to grab a water bottle out of their pouch. They want something easily accessible while they continue to strive for their personal bests.

Backpackers have hydration packs that work for their sport, but they aren’t feasible for runners, who need to be lightweight and compact. But there are hydration packs designed for women runners. Look for one that is not only lightweight but also has storage compartments that are easily reachable and is comfortable.

4. Skin protection. Unless you are running in the dark (in which case you have other essentials you’ll need, like a headlamp), you will need to wear sunblock and bring lip salves. Slather them both on generously at least 15 minutes before you begin running and reapply every 60 minutes or as directed.

5. Music. The right music can make your long run seem short, get you through those times when you think you just can’t go any further, and keep your mind off of your exertion. There are many armbands and sports pouches that will hold your phone so you can focus on your run.

Load Up and Blaze

With these 5 tips, you can run comfortably and blaze through the streets like it’s nothing. You’ll be looking forward to your new exercise routine in no time!

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  1. I really want to get into running. It’s free and a fantastic way to get fit. I cannot even run around the corner without getting out of breath at the moment and I want that to change. Great tips

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