My Year – Looking back over 2018

Well where do I start? Looking back over 2018 it was a fantastic year on the blog. Up to the point of writing this I’ve had over 143,000 page views this year, and over 18,000 social media followers. With over 10,000 on Twitter alone. I’m chuffed to bits with these stats, and appreciate every follow and page view. Thank you.

I love writing round up posts, so I thought I’d write one for the whole of 2018. Plus it’s always lots of fun reading old posts and looking over photos to see how the girls have grown.

Looking back over 2018, my year in review

My Year In Review – Looking Back Over 2018


January is always one of those months where you feel a bit meh. Christmas is over, everyone has to watch the purse strings as it’s all been spent out at Christmas. I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful private chef called Dan who with La Belle Assiette provided us with a beautiful fine dining experience in the comfort of our own home.

Private chef experience, fine dining in your own home


In February I only had a few more weeks left of work before starting maternity leave. So I was writing away and scheduling posts so I could take a few weeks off when the baby arrived. Looking back now, I didn’t take any time off, just answered emails when the baby slept and when I was up by night. It felt normal to me to keep my hand in it all. You could say blogging is in my veins!


At the start of March we had all that snow, I nearly missed my last day of work because of it! It was a month of preparing for the new baby. Also spending lots of quality time with baby girl before our new arrival. I really enjoyed our little afternoon walks around where we live. It was a special time discussing the new baby.

On the blog I celebrated my 3 year blogiversary, and was getting everything ready for the end of the tax year. You can catch up with one of my popular posts on Taxes, blogging and being self employed.


Preparing for the baby took my mind off my dad getting sicker. On his last few days I went and saw him everyday. Was telling him about the baby coming soon. I now look back over and think about that time, and so glad I spend those hours with him. His wish was that he wanted to be at home, and not go into hospital, and my mum made sure his wish was granted. He passed away on a Saturday afternoon three days before I went in for my c-section. It’s a time I will never ever forget. April was a sad and happy month for me.

baby isla after she was born


May was a month, I was enjoying my new baby and dealing with my dad’s death. Having a baby suffering from colic and reflux, and not sleeping kept me busy.


June saw the weather turning warmer, brighter with lots of sun. Spending all my time with these two was pure bliss. We enjoyed going to toddler groups and spending hours in the garden.

my two girls lying on the floor


In July I started to help my mum with her renovations on her miner’s cottage. As I writing this, the bathroom has been now finished and in the New Year she is getting a new ceiling put into the front porch. There are always lots of little jobs to do when you have an old house built in the 1800’s.

We got a chicken coop in July, and Mr B built it, and now it houses two of my dads chickens. It was a sad day when my mum had to sell up my dads cattle and his tractors.


In August we had BBQ’s, friends around, spent most of the time outside and had a wonderful month. I was working outside in the shade, with the baby by my side, and the toddler playing with her water table. Working as a blogger enables me to work at home and be with my girls. It is my dream job.


September was a big month for us. We all travelled up to Manchester for my first blog conference – BlogOn. I took baby dottie with me as she was only 5 months old and I was still exclusively breastfeeding. I had a fantastic day. I’ve already booked my tickets for the next one in May!

After BlogOn we drove down to wales to stay at Bluestone for the week. It was our first family holiday as four and our first review of a holiday on the blog. Despite the wet and windy weather we had a lovely week!

baby dottie and I at blogon toys conference


October was all about preparing my Christmas gift guides. I swore to myself after the stress last year of prepping, photographing, editing the images and writing up, I wasn’t going to o them this year. But yes I got sucked in! In fact this more I organised myself better and the guides were a success getting lots of page views. I’m now planning my Valentine’s Day gift guide. I don’t like photographs of myself, but this one I actually quite like. It was for a post for Pink Clove on mum’s Autumn fashion.

Rachel Bustin Autumn wardrobe


In November, we went on lots of family walks at the weekend. I think my favourite photo from the whole year is this one. It was the start of my family diary series, in which I write up a family post at the end of each month. Of things we have tried and done. It’s a good reminder for me of recording our family memories and why I love to blog.

Autumn muddy puddles


My last few weeks of maternity leave have flown by. My favourite post this month was this one on why maternity leave is different second time around. It’s been a month that went really FAST, preparing for Christmas, going to Christmas baby and toddler parties and having 12 for Christmas dinner was a little nuts, but it was my first one without dad and my baby’s first Christmas. It was bittersweet, but I got through it OK.

looking back over 2018 - the four of us by santas sleigh with reindeer

Well there you have my year. It’s good to look back over. I hope you had a good year, and I will see you in 2019.

Thanks for stopping by today and reading my post on looking back over 2018.

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15 thoughts on “My Year – Looking back over 2018

  1. Oh April must have been so hard, so bittersweet. I know what trying to do anything in an 1800s house is like because I have one – nightmare! Also just read your blogging/taxes post and although i’ve been SE for a few years now i’ve bookmarked it to send to a couple of friends who are just starting out!
    Thanks for linking up with #ShareYourYear!

  2. 2018 was full of highs and lows for you, sorry for the loss of your dad at a time that was full of both happiness and sadness must have been so hard to deal with.

  3. oh Rachel this post is glorious. I love those pics of you. Big hugs on the loss of your father, I cant imagine how painful that must have been.

    Here’s to a peaceful 2019

  4. Those stats are fabulous, you should be very proud! I think you should also be proud of the way that you’ve handled this year. B was born at around the same time as your baby, and I can’t even begin to imagine how you managed to navigate the loss of your father at the same time. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019 x #ShareYourYear

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