Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019

2018 started off being a great year. I was looking forward to our second daughter arriving in the Spring. My blog was doing well, and I only had a few more weeks of work before I started my maternity leave. 

Goodbye 2018 Hello 2019

But my dad was getting sicker and weaker. You see my dad was a very special person. When he was young he survived a tractor fire. They didn’t think he would make it and was given his last rights in hospital, but the determined and strong man that he was pulled him through. His second dice with death happened when he got pulled into a baler on a farm. Yet again someone was looking down on him and he survived. 

Over the years I can remember dad nearly slicing his thumb off and the blood pouring everywhere, being kicked by a cow black and blue and then dropping a farm gate onto his finger pad, slicing it off. Being a farmer he was out all winds and weather and it didn’t phase him. 

What did get him was cancer. 

Summer 2015 dad was ill. He had cancer. He had an operation to remove it, but was living on borrowed time from that point. Dad didn’t want any chemo or radiotherapy so healed from his operation. He got over the operation and was back to his old self, seeing to the farm, painting, mending broken fences and gates, climbing up ladders. He was 86 and living on borrowed time. His cancer was a ticking time bomb silently growing away. My dads surgeon told him the operation would give him 3 years. He had just under that when he passed away in April. 

My oldest daughter was born early 2016 and dad treasured her. He knew he wouldn’t be here to see her start school. But she was his life. When I went back to work in October 2016 dad and mum would look after her. Mum always said it was the highlight for him. To this day I have great comfort in that she spent a lot of her early months with him. 

3 days after he passed away I had my second daughter. 

I’ve never experienced emotions like it before. I was heartbroken I’d lost my dad. I was a daddy’s girl and extremely close to him and then it was one of the happiest days of my life seeing this gorgeous little red read on my chest less than a couple of minutes after being born. 

2018 you were an emotional roller coaster of a year. Goodbye to you.

I wonder what 2019 will bring to us. I know I’m starting back at work in a few days time and my eldest starts preschool in April. But you have to be more of a normal year for me please.

Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019

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