Baby Diaries #4 – Colic and Reflux

Last week we took baby dottie to see a cranial osteopath to help with her colic and reflux. Plus try and help her posture as she’s always a little scrumped up towards the right. Although she was a c section baby she was forceps delivered as she had sunk really far down into my pelvis. These left a little bruise above her left eye and a little bloodshot eye. All of this has contributed to her head and neck muscles being tight.

We arrived early at the osteopaths. I think I was the most nervous.

The osteopath was lovely. He took a full history of baby dottie, including how she was born and what she was like in herself. How she was fed. He also asked about my previous birth with baby girl.

After all the paperwork was done he started his ‘magic’ as I call it. He knew what points to massage on her head, neck and back. I call it massage because I got no other word for what he was doing. The great thing was that he was talking us through every step. Showing us what he was doing and also teaching us how to do simple exercises at home.

The one thing he was keen on was talking about natural ways, and not using aids like infacol to relieve colic and reflux. He suggested giving her some BioKult infantis. This is like a powder to replenish good bacteria in the gut. Apparently c section babies don’t get faced with the good bacteria in the birth canal so miss out on this.

C-section babies are shocked into the world by being pulled out into bright lights surrounded by people so they sometimes find it hard to adjust to the outside world and this can cause discomfort.

I do believe this. I really wanted a natural birth the first time around but my body couldn’t cope and respond to it. Obviously second time around I didn’t have a choice and for the safety of the baby and I a planned c section was meant to be.

After the hour-long appointment which my husband and I found very helpful to our situation. We came away feeling confident that cranial osteopathy has helped our baby.

That was Tuesday. I can honestly say that Tuesday evening we had none of the crying and screaming for hours. She settled after I fed her and we snuggled up on the sofa for the evening. None of the pacing up and down.

I did say to my husband I wonder if this is a one-off? The next night was the same. We do have the odd 5 minutes of crying but she is easily consoled with the boob.

Cranial osteopathy has helped us with colic and reflux plus her little issue of being scrumped up to one side. It’s relaxed our baby and brought out a smiley happy little one!

Tomorrow we have her first set of injections!
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  1. This is amazing news Rachel! Yay!: ) i hope that it continues to last but if not you cab always go back. J was forceps delivered too and we took him back to chiropractor at 2 and a half and they did another alteration and his sleep improved instantly. It really is like magic.

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