Beat Summer Holiday Boredom By Getting In The Garden

The six weeks or so that the children have for summer holidays from school can seem an awfully long time to a child. They get bored very easily, but just for a moment consider how it is for children in some other countries. For instance, in Spain, the holiday lasts 12 weeks, and in Australia, it is 10 weeks. These other places tend to spend more time outside with their children, often just doing things in their own back gardens.

Beat Summer Holiday Boredom By Getting In The Garden

Kids Love Water

Whether you have a paddling pool or a water balloon fight, the kids will love it. They get great pleasure from playing in water, and it is a good way to keep them cool when the sun is blazing down. As long as tiny children are watched carefully, water in the back garden can provide many hours of fun.

Making A Playhouse From Your Garden Shed

Wooden garden sheds mean different things to different people. Some use them just for storage and will make them as unobtrusive as possible. Others like to make them a feature of their garden, often painting them and putting curtains at the windows. They are sometimes used as offices and sometimes as a retreat. It is nothing unusual for them to be given a name.

Have you ever considered turning your garden shed into a playhouse? If you remove any garden tools, spruce it up a bit and put a couple of chairs and a small table in there you will be surprised how the children will love making it their own place to play. It is somewhere they can invite their friends to, without any interference from moms and dads, and that can make them feel very grown up.

Beat Summer Holiday Boredom By Getting In The Garden


Get Them Involved With The Garden

Letting the kids help you with the gardening can be a great way of occupying them, and it is something they often enjoy. Even better is if you have a small patch you can hand over to them to look after and grow whatever they want.

Giving mom or grandma a bunch of flowers from their own part of the garden makes them feel they have done something worthwhile and can promote a lifelong love of gardening.

Hunt The Treasure

The treasure does not have to be anything expensive, or your garden very big to be able to hide it. The children will love hunting down, and perhaps with older children you could give them written clues. Some families have a treasure hunt for the jobs that need doing, and whatever they find is the job they have to do, which is great for your frazzled parents. With this way it is best to find jobs that they do not mind, simple things like putting their toys away, or fetching moms slippers when she needs them.

As adults six weeks flies by, but as a child it seems forever. It is so much better if you can get them away from their iPads and PlayStations for some of the time at least, and healthier for them as well. You have the perfect place at the back of your home, so use the back garden to take away the summer holiday boredom.


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8 thoughts on “Beat Summer Holiday Boredom By Getting In The Garden

  1. I’ve always wanted to have a summerhouse, there is usually a cool breeze blowing in our garden by the river so a sheltered haven would be such a treat!

  2. Great post – I agree – spend as much time in the garden and outdoors as you can when the weather is nice. Keep them off technology for as long as poss! We grow veg for the pets and us! and make hedgehog nests and feed the wild hedgehogs which come into our garden daily too.

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