The Best Ways To Improve Digital Customer Service

Over the past decade, most companies on the market have put a greater emphasis on their digital relations. Creating a website and establishing yourself online is the first step to take, but the biggest challenge comes with making the experience equal to one that a customer might receive in-store. There are many ways which you can personalise your digital relationship with your customers that can really make a huge difference in the way they view their experience, so read on to find out more on improving digital customer service.

The Best Ways To Improve Digital Customer Service

Think Like A Customer

By putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, you can take some time to evaluate what you may think they want or expect from your businesses products or services. Consider what users will have in their minds when visiting your site, and try to tailor the experience to be one that’s most enjoyable for the average person to navigate around. Think: what problems do they face? How can your business act to solve them? What are the prices of your competitors like? These questions will all be mulled over by any potential consumer, so there’s no doubt that it would be a very smart move for you to take them into consideration too.

Interacting Instantaneously

Dedicating a member of staff or two to act as a ‘chatbot’ on your site to answer any enquiries that visitors may have is an excellent way of improving the quality of your customer service online. By enabling users to interact with the business, it can help to make the whole experience of using your site much more personal and somewhat closer to the experience of your average high street store. Plus, by instantly answering any questions customers have, you can ensure they find the right product or service to suit their needs within the a couple of seconds. Installing this kind of feature will bring many benefits to your website, so it really is worth the effort you put in to keep it up and running.

Vouchers And Loyalty Schemes

Just like in an actual store, online there is a great opportunity to reach out to interested customers and secure their loyalty. By creating the options for users to enter their email address in order to get updates about the business, discount codes and loyalty schemes, you can easily influence a wide range of people with the click of a button. Only users with a genuine desire to know or buy more will utilise the service, which basically means your target group will come to you! Email accounts are often linked to smartphones, resulting in your message reaching the recipient almost instantly. You can also add the option of them being able to reply to the email with any feedback they may have regarding the service, which is always beneficial information to gather.

Do Your Research

Customers will interact with your website in a certain way, and this can be traced and analysed in order to identify any areas that might be in need of some improvement. By taking advantage of a user testing platform, you can get real feedback from users as they navigate around your site. Once all of this information is gathered, you can come up with ideas to improve your site and make the experience more positive for the customer. Test your site once more before its due to be released in order to ensure the improvements you have made will actually benefit.

Make It Accessible

Complying to the needs of every type of user can make each individual customer feel included and appreciated. You have several different options when it comes to making your website more accessible, and some of the more common impairments to consider include hearing, vision, photosensitivity and motor skills. These will all have an effect on the way in which a user can interact with your website, and it’s your responsibility to ensure certain adjustments to the overall experience can be made to suit specific needs. Great options to think about include adding alternative text to photos so users with sight difficulties can hear a description of the image instead, lighter backgrounds with darker text to make it easier to read or even making the text resizable will make for a more personal experience.

Other Contact Options

Even after creating your website and including a chatbot, some of your users may still want a different method of contacting your business. It’s always essential to include a page within your site that lists all of your contact details including phone number and email address. By covering every option, there’s no way a customers question can be left unanswered, and you can then start to focus on keeping response times to a minimum to show dedication and passion for the business and add to the quality of customer service.

Make Your Shopping Cart Universal

There are many easy ways you can make your site more universal, especially with regards to the shopping cart or basket feature. Ensure its linked to every page so users can view it at any time without navigating away and losing their items. Avoid hiding any fees by always including tax in the price displayed, and offer discount codes at the checkout for a nice little surprise for the user. Show the estimated remaining number of stock to avoid customers being disappointed, and offer different speeds and classes of shipping. By adding these small details you can be more open and transparent with users whilst also making their checkout more individually suited to their needs.

Hopefully, with this information, you can begin to take steps towards improving your digital customer service. Put yourself in the shoes of the user and try to identify what they want and expect from your business, and make improvements to your site and service in order to build long-lasting relationships with loyal customers. Your website is open 24/7, so the experience your users get online is a very important aspect of your business to maintain and update accordingly.

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