Easy Ways you Can Reward Loyal Customers

Believe it or not, offering free goods, special buying opportunities and even discounts will help you to turn your occasional customers into ones that are loyal and dedicated to your company. If you aren’t sure how to reward loyal customers then you can find out whatever you need to know, right here.

Easy Ways you Can Reward Loyal Customers

Offer Discounts

You need to try and offer discounts for any customers who spend a lot of money with you. Offer a price reduction when they reach a spending limit. Limited-time offers can also prompt purchases from your customers, but you do have to make sure that your terms are clear. If you don’t then your customers may end up turning against your company, or they may not feel as though they are being given what you promised.

Give away Products

If you want, you can even give away free products. Consider adding a ribbon with logo onto your products or try and hand out goodie-bags. Little things like this can encourage sales while also giving you the chance to entice loyal customers into purchasing more.

Create a Loyalty Scheme

Another thing that you can do to reward loyal customers is to try and create a loyalty scheme. If you sell a lot of low-value items for example, such as hot drinks then you can easily give your customers a card which they can then get stamped when they make a purchase. When they have reached a target number, they can then qualify for a free item. If you sell a huge range of items, then you can easily have a plastic swipe card which helps your customers to accumulate points. This can translate to discounts and various other benefits. Buy-one-get-one-free items are also very good here. If you aren’t sure how to offer the best discounts then you could easily team up with other businesses. A classic example would be if you have a sports clothing shop. You can then offer people who attend your local gym a discount on fitness clothing. Little things like this can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Invite your Customers to try a New Product or Service

You can also invite your customers to see if they would trial a new product or even a service. If you ask your trusted customers to see if they can give you feedback before you go ahead and launch a new product then this will give them a sense of ownership. This will really help you to get more sales at a later date and it will also boost your word-of-mouth recommendations.

Up-Sell to Loyal Customers

It’s also possible for you to offer additional products or even services at a discount. This works very well if the products you are selling relate to your service. For example, if you sell safety equipment then you can easily offer them a maintenance contract that will help them with their machinery. If you have a larger order on the other hand, then it’s possible for you to include extras like this for nothing.

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