Here’s What You Can Do With Your Children’s School Photos

The children’s school photos are something parents look forward to every year. Even the ones with the awkward smiles and messy hair bring back precious memories as your children get older. 

By the time your children graduate, you’ll have plenty of photos to look back on. What to do with all those photos may seem overwhelming, but we’ve got some helpful ideas for you.

Here's What You Can Do With Your Children's School Photos

1. Make a photo book.

Photo books are a creative way to showcase your children’s school photos in one easy spot. And, it’s easy to make your own photo book online. You can even turn them into a makeshift yearbook by adding hundreds of photographs to your photo book along with sweet and funny captions about the special events that occurred throughout the year.

2. Organize them into albums.

The old school way to showcase photos is by organizing them into photo albums. As you turn each page, you relive the wonderful memories of your children’s younger years. Keeping them organized by year allows you to chronologically go through the photos as you reminisce on the past.

3. Place them in photo boxes.

If you prefer opening up a box of memories instead of looking through a book, photo boxes are the perfect way to store your children’s school photos. 

Photo boxes are sold already decorated, or you can buy them plain and add your own decorations. You can even get your children involved by having them color or paint the photo boxes and adding other items that express their personalities for that particular year. 

You can also organize photos within the box with handy tabs so it’s easy to find a special photo that you’re looking for.

4. Go digital.

There’s nothing quite like looking through an album or box full of old photographs, but this world is technology-driven so going digital with your photos may be the way to go.

 By scanning your photographs onto your computer you can then organize them into folders so that they’re easy to find. You also never have to worry about losing your photographs in a catastrophe like a fire or flood if you back all of your photographs up to a cloud where they can be store indefinitely.

5. Create a gallery wall.

Why not display your children’s precious school photographs on a cool gallery wall? A gallery wall is a neat way to showcase photographs in a fun and unique pattern. 

There are several different ways you can place photographs on the wall, even adding a shelf or some special mementos from their childhood alongside the photographs. It’ll be a focal piece of your home and a place you can go and reminisce anytime you long for the days of the past.

6. Turn them into a clock.

Instead of placing framed photographs on the way, kick the display up a notch by turning school photographs into clocks and then hanging them in a cool pattern. 

It’s easy to turn your children’s school photographs into a clock and all of it can be done online. Simply upload your favorite photos, choose the clock design you like best, and wait for it to arrive in the mail. 

Once all of your clocks have arrived, display them on a wall for an instant hit that will have guests talking every time they visit.

7. Transfer them to canvas.

We’ve covered framed photographs and clocks, but you can also turn your children’s school photos into canvas prints. Canvas prints are a stylish way to display traditional school photos. 

You can choose a matte or glossy finish and even put a unique spin on them by mixing in black and white or sepia photographs with the colored ones. 

Canvas prints are easy to hang because they are lightweight and you don’t have to worry about them falling down and shattering glass all over the floor. You can also create an awesome gallery wall with canvas photos that is sure to become a favorite spot in your home.

The Bottom Line

Every school photo is special because it’s a moment frozen in time. The most wonderful people in your life are forever captured in a photograph that you can look back on for years to come.

Preserve those photos and display them in unique ways with these inventive ideas. You and your children will enjoy looking back on their childhood every time you see their school photos.

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  1. What great ideas. I have so many school photos from my girls in frames around the house but I am thinking that when we decorate the hallway I am going to put them all on wall going up the stairs. I just need to get some matching frames. x

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