5 Lawn Care Tips Even The Pros Use To Make Your Yard Look Amazing

If you enjoy spending time working on your lawn you aren’t alone. Many people take great pride in how well they maintain their lawn and the effort they put into it. Sometimes certain tasks, like mowing the lawn, can feel more like a chore than an enjoyable activity but when you see the end result it still feels pretty rewarding. Lawn care tips are very important.

5 Lawn Care Tips Even The Pros Use To Make your Yard Look Amazing

Even if you spend a lot of time working on your lawn, you may still wonder how to make it look even better. If you’re curious about whether or not there are ways to take your lawn care to the next level, the answer is yes. There are always ways to make your lawn look just a little better. Here are five lawn care tips even the pros use to make lawns look amazing.

1. Don’t Go Too Short

When you’re mowing your lawn don’t give in to the temptation to cut it super short. It’s actually not the best way to make your yard look lush and green. Shorter grass tends to highlight imperfections more than a longer blade would. It’s not equipped to handle dry spells as well, leading to brown patchy spots in your yard.

When you mow aim to only cut about the top 1/3 layer of your lawn’s grass. Longer blades grow deeper roots, stand a better chance of choking out weeds, and will feel plusher and carpet-like. Your yard will look beautiful and you’ll spend a little less time mowing when you don’t have to cut as much. If you feel you need some help and advice on mowing your lawn go to somewhere like https://www.lawncare.net/service-areas/georgia/ for advice.

2. Sharpen Those Mower Blades

This is something you could easily overlook by mistake. Your focus on the yard itself can make it easy to forget that maintaining the tools you use is important too. When it comes to mower blades, sharper is better. Sharp blades mean your grass is going to be cut more evenly and cleanly.

Dull blades, on the other hand, will result in your mower starting to tear and rip the grass instead of cutting. Your law won’t look as well groomed when your mower blades aren’t sharp, and grass that is torn (instead of actually cut) is more vulnerable to things like pests. If you’re putting in the effort to step up your lawn care, you can’t forget to check your lawn mower.

3.  Grasscycle

Did you know grasscycling is a thing, and that it can save you some money on fertilizer? It’s really just a fancy way to say that you shouldn’t bag up your lawn clippings. Grass clippings can give your lawn about a quarter of the nitrogen it needs to look amazing all on its own. That means less money spent on extra fertilizer. Your lawn is growing its own fertilizer, so use that.

This doesn’t mean you have to specifically buy a mulching lawn mower for your yard but you could switch out your current lawn mower blade for a mulching blade. Changing out the blade will make the grass clippings decompose more quickly so you’re gaining the benefits from “grasscycling” with ease and speed.

If you’re worried about getting lawn clippings all over yourself by choosing to skip the bag, don’t stress too much. There are kits you can buy to cover the slot where clippings usually would shoot out. You can find universal kits like this online or check out a local hardware store for your specific mower’s needs.

4. Alternate Mowing Patterns

When it comes to mowing you don’t want to go in the same direction every single time. This is a tip some yard care lovers already know about but it’s still worth mentioning again. Your lawn will look better and be healthier if you alternate the patterns you mow your lawn in.

When you mow in the same pattern or direction every time your soil can become compacted and your lawn will develop ruts. Ruts are a weak point that will allow weeds to flourish while your blades of grass start to die. Compacted soil is not a grass or yard friendly environment so make sure you’re changing up which direction you’re moving in when you’re working on your lawn.

5. Think About Your Yard All Year

It’s easy to think a beautiful yard is only the result of what you do in the warm weather but that’s just not true at all. There are steps you need to take to make sure you’re keeping your lawn healthy, even after Summer is over.

Your grass actually starts to prepare for winter on its own by going into overtime soaking up sun, nutrients, and moisture so it will survive the dormant winter season. This makes Fall a great time to aerate and fertilize your yard. Aerating will give you a chance to get fertilizer down to the root of your grass blades, really giving it the chance to offer the best results you can get.

Once spring hits, give your soil a chance to dry out before you really start working on the yard for the year. Remember that the winter season will leave your soil damp even if the top of your lawn feels dry. You can work on your lawn in the spring, just be gentle. It’s still getting ready for the summer and being too aggressive with things like raking can ruin the roots still forming.

Taking pride in your sod lawn and trying out new tips to make it look even better are both great things to do. A nice lawn will make the entire outside of your home look better and more inviting. Using tips even the pros themselves use will result in a yard that is better than it ever has been.

If you really want to get detailed you can even find month by month care guides online to help you plan out every single step for your lawn care tips routine. This could help you keep the last tip about year-round care in the front of your mind as well.

Spending a little time learning about lawn care tips like the ones you’ve just read about won’t be anything you regret. Your yard will look better and you’ll be thrilled to show off the results of your hard work. Happy mowing!

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