Keeping Your Macbook Running Smoothly

If you’ve had a MacBook or an iMac for a while, then you might’ve noticed that you’re beloved machine is started to slow down a little. It happens with almost all technology if you aren’t taking care of it properly. Keeping your Macbook running smoothly needn’t take time or be expensive.

There are, however, a number of things you can do to keep your MacBook or iMac happy and healthy. 

Keeping Your Macbook Running Smoothly
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Clean Up

Although this one is pretty much common sense, many people still don’t clear out old files on the computer. Most of us are holders by nature, and this will extend into our computers to. You should take the time to regularly clean out old files. 

Word documents, MP3s, videos and photos take up a lot more space then you might realize. You should have a minimum of 10% free disk space at all times. Although the chances are, you could probably have much more than this with a little effort. 

If you happen to have things on your MacBook or iMac that you can’t get rid of like mackeeper for example, you can use this webpage to help talk you through that

Disk utility

All MacBooks and iMac come with a disk utility program. You can find it in your utility folder, which is in the applications folder. Running it five times a year is a good way to make sure that your hardest is healthy and fully functional. 

The disk utility has two functions. The first is used for repairing the disk and can only be run in recovery mode, which you can access by holding down Command+R when you put up your computer. 

The second is used for repairing just permissions; it can be run right there and then in the app, so simply open it. 

Close your Apps

One of the biggest problems computer users have is that they try to have too many apps open at the same time. If you are guilty of this, you need to get into the habit of closing the programs after you have used them. 

Many people are under the impression that simply clicking the red X, but it will close the program; however, it doesn’t. To see which app that you currently have open click the Apple menu at the top left-hand corner and select force quit

From there you will see all of the apps that are currently open and using all of the resources.

Move files

One of the quickest ways is to lighten the load on your MacBook or iMac is to move the files onto a hard disk drive. You can simply plug in your HDD make sure it is ready to be used with a Mac computer and slide your files across. 

Alternatively, or perhaps as well as you can use the iCloud, there is a free one or a monthly fee that starts at 2:99 for a really decent amount of space.

When something costs as much money as a MacBook or an iMac, you should really take the time to look after it properly. Keeping your Macbook running smoothly could be vital to running your business.

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  1. I’ve got an iMac and I’m guilty of having too many apps open at once. This was an interesting blog, thank you

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