Blume Baby Pop Review

*Ad-gifted: We received the Blume Baby Pop playset in exchange for this post.

Back in the Summer, we had so much fun reviewing the Blume Dolls Series 1, so we were ecstatic to get the first look at the all-new Blume Baby Pop dolls. Which I will add in that they are on sale from today exclusive to Tesco!

Blume Baby Pop Review
Blume Baby Pop Review

Blume Baby Pop are cute babies grown in sprouts. With 50 to collect, 25 surprises inside each playset and at least 3 babies guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.

Blume Baby Pop are cute babies grown in sprouts
Blume Baby Pop are cute babies grown in sprouts

Guess How Many?

Inside each sprout is either a Blume Baby or fun baby accessories. With 5 sprouts in each set, you have the chance to get 5 babies, the minimum is 3 babies per set. We were lucky and popped out 4 babies.

cute babies grown in sprouts
Cute babies grown in sprouts

The Blume Baby Pop Babies and Accessories

There are 6 baby moods you can get:

  1. Curious
  2. Dreamy
  3. Crying
  4. Winky
  5. Happy
  6. Poopy

With 30 adorable babies to collect, 15 rare babies and 5 super rare, you won’t be disappointed with yours. The playset comes with a collector sheet so you can cross yours off.

Each baby needs a snuggle buddy, there are 10 to collect in 7 different colours. You won’t be short of accessories to find with 60+ to discover. From rattles and bottles to combs, lollipops and balloon animals.

There are 12 cozy costumes available to collect also for your Blume Baby Pop. We got the adorable tiger costume, but I love the look of the unicorn one!

Cute costume
Cute costume

With babies come baby showers. Inside each playset, you will receive a baby shower gift. We got the jumper seat. But you could have also got a car seat, stroller, highchair or swing. They will need assembly before play.

Blume Baby Pop Baby nursery and accessories
Baby nursery and accessories


How to find you Blume Baby Pop

Take off the clear lid, grab a sprout and quickly pull up. You will hear a loud pop! Twist the sprout top counterclockwise to open.

Secret nursey

Pull the pink bottom down to reveal the hidden nursery. There are 5 themes to collect: Zoo, woodland, sea, llama, and unicorn. Look around the nursery for hidden surprises.


Gender reveal

Remove the swaddle from the baby, dip her nappy in cold water, then wait and see! Blue for boys, pink for girls!

Boy or Girl
Boy or Girl?

Swimming pool

Turn the clear lid upside down and fill with water. Next, assemble the slide from the two parts stored inside the sprout bed. Then you can attach the ladder to the side of the pool and let the babies have fun.

Swimming pool
Swimming pool

Our Review

Lots of fun, loads of surprises, cute adorable babies and that POP! L loved putting the sprouts back in just to pull them out again to hear the pop. It’s great this can be done over and over so friends can have a go.

There is very little package waste, just like the Blume Dolls. It’s all reused as part of the playing experience.

We loved the sheet of stickers included to decorate the nursery. This Blume Baby Pop playset provides hours of fun. Anyone with Christmas money would love to buy this I’m sure!

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  1. These are so cute and children do love collectibles dont they. My daughter is always collecting little things.

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