Foodie Roos: Mini Plush Collectible Characters -Review

*(Ad-gifted) We were sent the Foodie Roos collectible characters in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

We are really into our collectibles (as you know by now by the number of reviews we do!) and the latest we’ve been invited to check out is the Foodie Roos. A sweet collection of mini plush collectibles that smell as good as they look. Arriving in what I can only describe as ice cream tubs the Foodie Roos are on a mission to be one of the top collectibles of the year. The containers are also their homes which I will tell you more about later on. But first here is a little bit about the Foodie Roos.

Foodie Roos: Mini Plush Collectible Characters -Review
Foodie Roos: Mini Plush Collectible Characters

Who and what are the Foodie Roos?

Foodie Roos are adorable mini plush collectible characters that look, feel and smell just like their favourite foods!

“John Adams”

These cute mini plush collectibles look just like their favourite food as well as smell like it. They also feel like food as well. Now, this seemed like a weird thing, but once you give the soda or juice Roos a squeeze you will know what I mean! The characters come with a story behind how they became a Foodie Roo which is adorable. So one day they were sat down eating their favourite foods in the town of Yummyville and ended up eating too much, then by magic, they turned into what they were eating!

Foodie Roos: Mini Plush Collectible Characters -Review
Foodie Roos in their containers

With 20 characters to collect from series 1 you get either 1 of 2 from each of the nine themes plus the Rare Treats theme.

  • Popcorn – Kernal Kitty or Carmowl
  • Gummies – Bouncy Bear or Jelly Oink
  • Chips – Chip Duck or Cheese Pup
  • Cookies – Choco Pup or Cookie Cub
  • Fruit Cup – Paradise Parrot or Berry Hop
  • Soda – Citrusstrips or Fizzy Fish
  • Pretzel – Pretzquirrel or Little Mouzel
  • Juice – Whale-ade or Fruity Fox
  • Cereal – Fruity Puk Puk or Crunchin’ Roo
  • Rare Treats – Raccoon Macaron or Sugarphant
Foodie Roos Collector booklet
Foodie Roos Collector booklet

The “ice cream tubs” containers they come in have a little window where you have a peek of who could be inside. These containers turn into their homes and are the display stands. I love the addition of stickers included so you can decorate your plushes home.

Contents in a Foodie Roo container

  • Foodie Roo
  • Collector booklet
  • Sticker sheet
  • Connecters x2
  • Container halves x2
  • Eye sticker
  • Lid
  • Playset instruction booklet
Contents in the container
Foodie Roo in their room
Foodie Roos in their room

Which Foodie Roos did we get?

  • Whale-Ade
  • Bouncy Bear
  • Berry Hop
  • Choco Pup
  • Citrustripes
  • Pretzquirrel
Collection of Foodie Roos
Collection of Foodie Roos

Overall thoughts

Great collectibles that are perfect for roleplaying and sensory toys. I was amazed at the feel of each Foodie Roo and how they are different. For example, the cookie one – Choco Pup felt like broken cookies when you squeezed his tummy. Then the lemon juice Foodie Roo has a belly that felt slushy when you moved her and Bouncy Bear felt like she had sweets in her tummy.

Bouncy Bear and Choco Pup
Bouncy Bear and Choco Pup

The smells are fantastic, especially the gummies one! Not a huge fan of pretzels though. We’ve had them for a week playing with and taking on holiday, and they’ve yet to lose any of the smell.

L with our collection
L with our collection

I’m glad the toy designers thought about the plastic containers and made use of them for the Foodie Roos homes and not just to throw away after.

Overall for another collectible on the market, I believe they will stand their own and be a popular choice. We are thoroughly enjoying collecting them.

Where to buy Foodie Roos

You can find these adorable mini plush collectibles at Smyths and Amazon RRP: £7.99 Suitable for ages 3 and over.


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