Introducing Hatchimals Pixies – Review

*Ad-gifted: We were gifted two Hatchimals Pixies in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

We are HUGE Hatchimals fans in this house. A couple of months back we were lucky to review the Hatchimals Mermal Magic and now we are back with the new Hatchimals Pixies from SpinMaster.

Hatchimals Pixies

There are lots of different Hatchimals on the market at the moment, but none as pretty as the Hatchimals Pixies. I think the Hatchimals have such a fantastic element of surprise that they are loved by all children.

One day, new eggs suddenly appeared in Hatchtopia! Larger and more beautiful than any before, no one knew where they had come from or just who was inside. As the Hatchimals cared for the eggs, they began to take on unique properties, inspired by their different regions. Then, after 9 months of love and care, the new magical friends were finally ready to hatch … and for the first time ever, the Hatchimals met the Pixies! Which Pixie will you hatch?

Product Description – Hatchimals Pixies

HATCHIMALS PIXIES New friends have arrived in Hatchtopia! Meet the Hatchimals Pixies, collectible dolls that hatch to life with your loving touch. With four different beautiful eggs to choose from, you could hatch a Pixie from Crystal Canyon, Polar Paradise, Wishing Star Waterfall or Glittering Garden.


Inside of each shimmery egg, there are three mystery Pixie accessories to discover! Pixies are glam from head to toe! They have magical glittery wings that really flutter and poseable heads. Pixies are super stylish, with colourful sparkly hair and fabulous outfits inspired by their Hatchtopia Hangouts!

When your Pixie isn’t accessorising, store her accessories in the bottom of the egg and display her on the included Pixie bed.

Hatchimals Pixies are recommended for children age 5+ and retail at £7.99 each

Included with all Pixies Hatchimals are the instruction sheet and Pixie checklist.


How To Hatch Hatchimal Pixies

To hatch your Pixie, hold the large egg in the palm of your hand and warm it up until the purple heart turns pink. Gently press down to crack the shell and find out which perfect Pixie is inside. With eight Hatchimals Pixies to collect and more to come, there’s, even more, to explore in Hatchtopia! Who will you hold, hatch and love?

How To Hatch Hatchimals Pixies
How To Hatch Hatchimals Pixies - warm heart
How To Hatch Hatchimals Pixies - push through the heart
Hatching a Pixie Hatchimal
Hatching a Pixie Hatchimal - bed
Hatching a Pixie Hatchimal - hidden blind bag
Hatching a Pixie Hatchimal - hidden blind bag surprises

What We Think

The Hatchimals Pixies are adorable! Sparkly, fun and exciting. At the moment there are 8 Pixies to collect, but more will be released later in the year. They are much larger than previous Hatchimals, but just as fun.

I love the excitement of finding out which accessories are included in the blind bag under the bed at the bottom of the egg. Each Pixie has 3 accessories which can be kept under her bed.

It’s a great idea to use the bottom of the egg as the stand, which holds the bed in securely so the Pixie can stand on it once placed on her little clear stand.

The Pixies are full flair and style. With big eyes and fluttery eyelashes. Their wings are soft jelly-like, and they have poseable heads.

Polar Paradise – Polar Penelope

We received Polar Penelope from Polar Paradise. She had an icicle headband, an ice cream to hold and skates as accessories. Penelope is an Ice Enchanter as her Pixie Power.


Crystal Canyon – Crystal Cassie

We also got Crystal Cassie from Crystal Canyon. Cassie had a treasure chest full of gold. She loves Jewel Juice smoothies and is a Magic Magnifier.

Crystal Cassie - Hatchimals Pixies

Available From

You can buy the Hatchimals Pixies from Amazon alongside the other Hatchimals Series.


Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed our review of the Hatchimals Pixies.

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  1. How fabulous. Exciting to discover, a perfect size for little hands and even a bed to sleep in. The children would love them.!

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