How To Declutter Your House of Tech And Gadgets

Decluttering is the process of taking out the excess stuff we have in our homes. It keeps us from accumulating too much tech and gadgets and makes for a wonderful and refreshing experience.

 Decluttering Your House of Tech And Gadgets

Decluttering Your Home

You can get a few quid by selling or recycling your gadgets, too. Here’s how to get started.

Collect All Your Old Stuff

Decluttering shouldn’t take up too much of your time. All you’ll need is an hour or two to gather all the tech in your room, shed and garage.

There will be items you want to keep and things you want to dispose. You should test out each one to make sure they’re still functioning. Here’s how you do it.

For Mobiles and Laptops

Does the gadget still have its charger and wires? Press and hold the power button and see if it still turns on. From there, decide if you want to keep it or dispose of it responsibly.

For DVDs, Hard Drives and USB Disks

Put them in a DVD tray and see if the content can still be read. For precious files such as personal photos and videos of memorable events, you’ll want to transfer it to your current computer, laptop or storage device.

Old & Bulky Tech

Still have a large TV box, CRT monitors and old wired handsets? You can plug them in and see if they work; otherwise, you’ll want to dispose by calling up the local recycling company and have them pick it up.

Remotes, Adapters and Wires

Decluttering applies to wires, cables and chargers too. Gather them up and pair them to their corresponding devices. If you find a cable without any hardware, then it’s probably safe to dispose.

Get your cables and wires out of the way by using a USB data and charging hub for your computer. This not only allows you to connect several peripheral devices at the same time but also helps you organize your desk. 

With a USB hub, you can gather the cables of your peripherals in one place and free up space on your desk. Get a charging cable hub so you can also power up your smart devices when your plugs are crowded.

Ways on How To Dispose Your Tech and Gadgets

Decluttering is making sure that your old gadgets are disposed of responsibly by recycling, donating to charity or giving it a new lease in life.

Your old items can still be used as a refurbished item, for its valuable content or for those who are in need.

Check out the ways you can properly get rid of your unwanted stuff.

Sell Them Online

Get some of your money back by selling your goods on popular marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, Amazon and eBay. You can create an account, log in and start selling your old stuff and make quite a bit of cash you can save up for a rainy day.

Use a camera that has a high resolution so buyers can see what they’re getting. More importantly, describe the item you’re selling and make sure to include the brand, model number and its condition. Buyers can send you a message or call you on the listed number to haggle or arrange a meet.

You can also have your old items sold in recycling gadget sites. Fill out a form for the appraisal, then wait for the figure to be displayed. If you find the quote agreeable, you can send your gadgets in and receive cash 2-3 days after they receive your devices.  

Recycle and Get Incentives

Major tech companies such as Samsung, Lenovo, HP and Apple will have recycling sites in the UK. Call them up and see where it is and you can get some neat incentives in the process. You can get trade-in promotions or store credit for upgrading to a new product as well.

For old items such as radios, remotes, music players or hearing aids, you can look up a local recycling center and have them pick it up. Their staff can collect fax machines, office equipment, old TVs and appliances and dispose of them responsibly.

Reuse and Donate

Your unwanted item can be a precious one for those who are in hospitals, daycare centers, schools and libraries. You can give your tech a new life by having them work for these charitable institutions. Give back to the community and you’ll be one device lighter and get good karma points in the process.

Check your devices and see if they’re still working, and include the adapters, cables and accessories when you donate it.

You can save mother nature one step at a time when you regularly declutter in a responsible manner. Clean up what you won’t need so you’ll have a nice home that’s free of excess stuff.

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2 thoughts on “How To Declutter Your House of Tech And Gadgets

  1. A really interesting read. Both my boys have a lot of tech that’s left lying around so it’s nice to have some ideas of how to sort it

  2. I have managed to get rid of several old gadgets on Freecycle, including things that were not working, as you will often find people want them for parts. I’ve got rid of an old printer, a couple of old and very slow laptops, and I even managed to get rid of 2 old bulky CRT TVs that were in my basement. They were picked up by a student who was doing an art installation.

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