Ironmongery Ideas For Your Home

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Thinking that your house could use an uplift? Why not change the ironmongery elements on both the outdoors and indoors of your home? You’d surprise to see the impact of this small change! 

Maybe you are thinking of completely renovating your home or perhaps you simply feel like your house could do with an upgrade. Ironmongery hardware is more important than you think and is usually thought of at the end of a renovating project. 

Ironmongery Ideas For Your Home
Ironmongery Ideas For Your Home

As Rita Konig, London-based interior designer, puts it: hardware and ironmongery details are often rushed at the end of a project when they should be given some thought well in advance. The last thing you want is to “leave to your builders – even hinges come in a wide range, from nasty to beautiful.”

At Ironmongery Experts, we are a family-run business which specialises in architectural ironmongery. This type of ironmongery is inclusive of items which are used in all types of buildings for practical and decorative purposes, such as door handles, door knockers, hinges, handrail brackets, and locks. Our business was established in 1992, and in that time, we have gained a great amount of knowledge about all types of ironmongery which would make any home a tad bit more special. 

What to change outdoors?

  • House numbers

One of the most important pieces of hardware you’ve got outside your home is your house number, it’s functional, yet decorative.

Having a visible house number is highly important in case of an emergency. As an article on the South Central Ambulance Service mentions, it is essential that when the emergency services are called, they can find the address as quickly and as easily as possible. It can also be frustrating for visitors and mail delivery services to find your home if it doesn’t have a clear and visible number. 

visible house number
Visible house number
  • Letter plate

Letter plates come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, from simple and clean polished brass letter plates to more ornate letter plates such as polished brass letter plate with the knocker. This type of hardware is essential and can be a great stylish addition to any front door. 

  • Door knocker

Door knockers are a common feature in British homes, from your neighbours’ house which has an urn door knocker to the prime minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street which features a lion’s head door knocker. This type of door furniture comes in such a wide range of styles that you can easily find the perfect door knocker to reflect your style and personality.

Centre doorknobs are also usually found all across homes in Britain
Door knockers are usually found all across homes in Britain
  • Centre doorknobs

Centre doorknobs are also usually found all across homes in Britain. These are used to pull the door closed. You will find traditional doorknobs, such as octagonal centre doorknobs and more modern ones, such as black ball-shaped doorknobs to match any type of property.

What to change indoors?

  • Interior door handles

Door handles are seen as the jewellery of any room. The same way as the perfect necklace can uplift an outfit, the perfect door handles can make your room that much special. We’ve written an article all about the most popular interior door handles available at the moment – check our blog for this!

Ironmongery Ideas For Your Home- Door handles are seen as the jewellery of any room.
Door handles are seen as the jewellery of any room.
  • Curtain furniture

Curtain furniture, such as curtain finials, is optional. However, these decorative ornaments can really add character to your curtains and give your space that special touch it needs.

curtain finials,
Curtain finials

These are just a few ways to uplift your home with ironmongery, but there are many more. If you are now inspired to change your home’s ironmongery or to browse through our whole selection of products, visit our website at

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  1. What an interesting post. Thank you. Curb appeal is really important so a classy front door with beautiful ironmongery is a great way to add appeal and value.

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