Making Your House Look Glamorous For Summer

Everybody gets excited when summer approaches. The sun shines down, there’s the occasional day on which it’s warm enough for a barbeque or a garden party, and everyone just seems happier and more relaxed. Of course, the sun might not shine too favorably on your house if it’s in bad shape. Many people focus on spring cleaning, but you might need to go one step further than this to get your home prepared for summer. If you’re going to have guests over and spend lots of days in the garden then you need to make sure that your household looks summer-esque. Here’s how to make your home look glamorous during the sunny season.

Making Your House Look Glamorous For Summer

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Make the house more spacious.

First of all, you should make your house more spacious. Summer is a season for airy wide-open spaces, and a cluttered or cramped house doesn’t fit this description. You need to give your home the right vibe for this season. It’s already warm enough outside; you don’t want to make this worse with a stuffy and overloaded household. Plus, it’s always a good idea to declutter your home from time to time anyway – it’ll benefit the design of your house throughout the year, and it’ll make your home a more pleasant place in which to live. Getting rid of some of the things you’ve been hoarding for years (but no longer need) will put the space in your household to better use. You’ll finally have that minimalistic aesthetic you’ve been seeking.


You can also make your home more open by putting its space to better use. After all, you can’t throw out everything you own. That’d be impractical. Instead, you should think of smarter ways to store your possessions. You could put up shelving units on the walls to create more storage space for clutter that’s taking up space on the floor. You could even ditch the TV stand and get a wall-mount instead. Opening up floor space will give the illusion of a bigger room even if it’s filled with the same number of items. Openness will really give your home that summer vibe. Nobody wants to be trapped inside on a sunny day, but you probably need to retreat indoors for food and your bed, so you might as well make the surroundings pleasant for hot days.


Use natural design.

Nature is an integral part of the summer theme. Everybody thinks of the outdoor world when they think of summer, so you need to bring the outside in. This is good advice for the interior design of your house during any season, of course, but natural design can give your home a particularly powerful aesthetic during summer.  You could add 3D Flooring to your home to give it a distinct look, and bright bold colours would give your home a sunny aesthetic. Flowers and plants can always give a room some added charm and colour. Plus, they pull toxins out of the air, so your home will feel fresher as well as looking fresher. Nature really is your best friend when it comes to creating a summer-themed interior design for your home.


Brighten up your home.

As discussed extensively already, summer is associated with brightness. The days are long and sunny, so your house needs to utilise that. You need to make the most of the light pouring into your home through the windows. You might want to add a fresh coat of white paint to your walls, for example. White naturally reflects light, so it’ll help to brighten up your home by letting sunlight bounce off the walls. You could even hang up mirrors facing windows so as to fill rooms with reflections of the outdoor world. Also, you might want to give your windows a clean to make sure that they’re letting in as much light as possible. Brightening up your home is about using all the potential light sources as much as possible.

Of course, the sun might not shine too favorably on your house if it’s in bad shape

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Give your garden a personality.

During summer, the garden becomes one of the most important aspects of your house (assuming that it’s a sunny year). But you’ll probably be spending a lot more time outside than usual, so it’s important to make this space look glamorous. You should start by sprucing up the plants in your back garden. Trim the lower branches on trees and shrubs to make the garden look a little neater. Maybe you could plant a brand new flowerbed to give your outdoor space a vibrant dose of colour. You need to make your garden look appealing so as to give yourself an incentive to spend more time outside.


You should also think of aesthetic pieces that can add a bit of charm and character to your outdoor space. Much like a nice painting or a vintage chair in your house, your garden needs focal points to give it a powerful aesthetic. You could get some oak barrels to serve as bar tables and aesthetic pieces that give your garden a rustic vibe. It’s smart to have multi-purpose pieces in your garden. You could also repurpose old buckets or even wheelbarrows by turning them into plant pots. Get creative with the appearance of your garden. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a pool installation just to give your garden a great centrepiece. There are plenty of small and quirky additions you could make to your outdoor space to make it really shine.


Spruce up the front of your property.

Of course, you should work on the front-facing exterior of your property as well as your back garden. The front of your house is the first thing you see when you return home, so you want it to make a bold statement. It should be as bright and colourful as the summer season. You could repaint your door, for instance; make it look fresh and new. That’s the theme of summer, after all – everything’s in bloom. You could also plant some flowers alongside the path leading up to your house to give it a pretty vibe. Maybe you could even hang some flower baskets on either side of your front door.


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  1. My garden is coming on nicely thanks to the gorgeous weather – time to look at indoors – thanks for the tips

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