Overhaul Your Garden This Summer

Now that summer is in full swing, most of us are enjoying our time outside the house and exploring our gardens. If you have only just come out into your garden this year to start some work on it, you may already be faced with a 3-foot night lawn, flowers everywhere and a ton of weeds. There comes a time in all of our lives where we want to make a change to the garden, so if you want to vamp up space this year and make a fun change, here are some of the things you can do.

Overhaul your garden this Summer

1.Paint old plant pots

If you take a look into your garden and you feel as if it is looking drab, you can make a big difference immediately by changing the color of your plant pots. We all end up with plant pots that we don’t like in our gardens, and if you have those signature terracotta colored pieces, you can update them with a lick of brightly colored paint. Think of colors like fuschia, blue and even orange. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your new colors and add some personality back into the home. You can even match the color of your pot with the flowers inside for a fun effect.

2. Spruce up your lawn

Mowing the lawn and then waiting for it to grow back isn’t the only thing you can do with this part of the house. In fact, your grass is like every other plant in the garden and needs some TLC now and again. You can fertilize your lawn in the summer to help it grow thicker and more green. This will ensure that you have a wonderful healthy lean all the way through those summer months.

3. Update your patio

If you have a patio space in your garden, take a closer look and see if there is anything you can do to spruce it up for the summer. If the paving stones are wonky and you seem to have lots of weeds growing in between the slabs, you might want to contact a patios designer to get a new one laid. If your patio is straight but looking grimy, break out the pressure washer and blast the patio until it looks and feels brand new. Pressure washing the patio is one of the most satisfying garden jobs you will do, trust us!

4. Lights

Outdoor lighting comes in many different forms and you can bring all of them into your space to make the garden feel more magical when the sun goes down. Think about a motion sensing light at the front and the back of the house for security: add solar-powered lamps into your flower beds for a fun feel at night: and hang solar powered fairy lights on a tree or on the roof of your conservatory for a cute and magical light when night falls. The plus side with solar powered lights is that you don’t need to pay for the energy they use!

5. Get rid of weeds

Weeds are the most annoying part of having a garden, and you can often spend more time getting rid of weeds than you do looking after your plants. To get rid of your weeds for good you need to pull them out at the root to stop them coming back. You can also spray weed killer in areas where the roots are difficult or hey to, and this should cause the weeds to dry out and become easy to pull out.

6. Paint your shed

If you have a shed at the back of your garden, one of the things you can do for fun is painting it. You could choose a bright color like pink to bring some fun into your garden, you could choose a subtle pastel color for a calm vibe, or you could even paint it with stripes to look like a beach hut! This will add character and fun to your garden and make your shed feel brand new.

7. Accessorise the furniture

If you have a table and chairs in your garden which looks a little bland and boring, you can immediately make them look more impressive by buying some waterproof cushions and adding them into the space. It will be more comfortable for you when you want to sit in the garden during the summer, and it will look much more modern and new.

8. Plant perennials

If you want to add some new color into your garden but you want to make sure that your investments last for much longer, make sure to choose perennials when buying seeds and small plants. You can choose flowers such as forget-me-nots, lavender and other similar plants for a wonderful color and smell for years to come. The beauty of these types of plants is that they are likely to spread little over the years so you can end up with a garden full of amazing color during the spring and the summer.

9. Grow fruit and veg

If you have always loved the idea of growing your own produce at home, why not start now? You can create an allotment in your garden by bringing a wooden frame into the back of your garden, and then you can plant all of the fruit and vegetables you would like to grow. This could include potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries and even blueberries. Have some fun out it and try out new things.

Now that summer is in full swing, most of us are enjoying our time outside the house and exploring our gardens.

10. Hanging baskets

If you feel as if the front of your house and the area next to the back door are looking a little bit bare, you can add a splash of color and texture right away by bringing a stunning hanging basket into the area. A hanging basket can consist of flowers like pansies and daisies, and you can even place hanging roses and other hanging flowers into it for a stunning cottage feel. By hanging this next to your front and back doors you will immediately make your time feel more inviting to guests. Spend some time focusing on the very edges of your lawn as they’re often missed by the lawnmower. Grab some garden scissors and trim edges to look neat and tidy.

11. Topiary

When people think about topiary they often imagine complex patterns carved out of hedge plants which can be a nightmare to maintain, however, topiary can be as complex or simple as you want, and you can look up some tutorials online to teach you how to do it. A simple globe shape can look incredibly impressive in the middle of the garden and it won’t be difficult at all to prune and maintain.

12. A picnic tent

If you are planning to host a few garden parties this summer or you want somewhere to chill out with your friends, you can make your own tent or teepee in the garden. All you will need is a very large white sheet, something to hang it over such as a washing line, something to pin the edges into the ground, and lots of cushions and lights for inside the tent. You can have a wonderful garden getaway which will be a place everyone will remember.

13. Mirrors

You may be mistaken to think that mirrors are just for the inside of the house, but in fact, they can look wonderful in the garden. If you have a wall or shed space which feels bare, you can hang a circular mirror from the place and it will reflect the light and add a wonderful feature to the garden.

14. Bird feeders

To really make your garden feel as special as it can possibly be, the best thing you can do is encourage the birds into your space. Think about having bird feeders from the trees in your garden and adding a bird table so that you can feed them with any excess stale bread or crackers you have in the house. Birds will soon figure out where the food is coming from and you will end up with many regulars that come at the same time every single day to eat in your garden.

15. Herb Appeal

If you have some space on your wall at the back of the house, you can create a herb garden which will impress everyone who comes over to see your home. All you will need is a small wooden step ladder, some paint, some wooden troughs which fit inside the ladder and herbs. Start off by painting your ladder and the wooden troughs a bright color. To contrast the green herbs, red can be a wonderful choice here. Once painted, lean the ladder against the wall and add the wooden troughs onto each step. Glue them down or screw them in, and screw the ladder to the wall. Add in your compost and herbs for a stunning design feature with fresh herbs that you can use during your cooking too!

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  1. Lots of these are on my list already but weeding is such a huge job here because the previous owners never did it 😭

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