Awesome Bloss’ems Review – Dolls That Grow

*Ad-gifted – We were sent a selection of Awesome Bloss’ems to review in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying testing and sharing our thoughts on lots of different toys at the moment, and our latest review is on the Awesome Bloss’ems collectible. As you know we are huge fans of collectibles and love the surprise of not knowing which one we are getting.

Awesome Bloss'ems Review - Dolls That Grow

What are the Awesome Bloss’ems?

The Awesome Bloss’ems are fierce floral collectible dolls that you need to grow and bring to life from a seed pod. They come in beautifully decorated flower pots with everything you need to grow your doll.

In each flower pot is a seed, sparkle soil and a leaf watering spoon. Each Awesome Bloss’em doll has a wonderfully coloured outfit with a beautiful blossom on her head that smells sweet like flowers.

What’s included in the flowerpot

  • 1 Pot with Dome and Lid,
  • 1 Seed,
  • 1 Awesome Bloss’ems Doll, 1
  • Bag of Sparkle Play Soil,
  • 1 Leaf Spoon,
  • 1 Circle Sheet of Chip Art,
  • 1 Instruction Sheet with Collector’s Guide

How to grow your Awesome Bloss’ems doll

Place the seed into the bottom of the flower pot. Next, up cover with the sparkle soil. Make a wish, then add about 5 leaf spoons full of water, we added 4 to ours. Watch as your doll sprouts from the soil. The flower on the dolls head will hint at which character is blooming.

glittery soil
glittery soil
add water to glittery soil  - how to grow an Awesome Bloss'em doll
Awesome Bloss'ems doll grown from a seed

Once your doll has bloomed, you can pick her out of the pot, just like a real flower. The leaf spoon doubles as a hammock which you can place her in on the lid of the flower pot which you can use as the base of your terrarium. Included are little decorations and art which you can use to decorate. Place the glittery dome on top to display your doll.

accessories with the Awesome Bloss'ems doll
Awesome Blosss'ems in the leaf spoon hammock
Awesome Blossems inside the terrarium

How many Awesome Bloss’ems dolls in the collection?

I was pleasantly surprised that there are 26 Awesome Bloss’em’s to collect in the series from 5 different themes. There are 5 dolls in each theme, which are So Wild’, ‘Sweet Chic’, ‘Posh Floral’, ‘Fierce Petals’ and ‘Fashion Buzz. There are rare, and super rare dolls to collect and even an ultra-rare one to find that has a real diamond tiara. Wouldn’t that be one to find?

collectors  guide for the Awesome Bloss'ems dolls

What we think

The Awesome Bloss’ems dolls are adorable little collectibles. I did think they would be bigger than what they actually are (5 cm in length) but seeing how they fit into the terrarium at the end I can see why they are that size. A bit similar to Polly Pockets.

The sparkly soil is polystyrene mixed with glitter and it will get everywhere if you are not careful. There is also a fair bit of waste plastic that you can’t reuse. The seed pod is the biggest part.


We loved the growing of the doll. It was exciting to see her pop out of the soil. Of course, the blind bangs included are always fun to open. They contained the accessories. It’s a good collectible you can pop onto a shelf as with the glittery dome lid on it’s just like a snowglobe.

Awesome Bloss'ems in glittery dome

Where to buy Awesome Bloss’ems dolls

You can buy the Awesome Bloss’ems collectible flowerpot dolls from Amazon and Smyth’s Toys for around £8.00

Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to small parts which could cause a choking hazard.

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