World Book Day – Share a Story

Today is World Book Day. For many weeks I’ve seen book character costumes in the supermarket and numerous Facebook friends planning their children’s costumes for school. My eldest daughter isn’t at school yet so it’s not something I’m into just yet with the costumes. But for many years as an avid book reader and lover I’m very interested in World Book Day.

World Book Day - Share a Story

I’m not being paid for this post, as getting kids into reading is a passion of mine. So I’m sharing my thoughts with you on the Share a Story campaign.

You might wonder what on earth is that? Well, Share a Story is the campaign call-to-action for World Book Day this year. It’s about encouraging parents and carers to read and share stories with their children for ten minutes every day. Sharing stories together – anywhere, anytime – for just ten minutes a day has long-lasting effects on a child’s future and being read to is critical in igniting children’s enthusiasm for reading and is strongly linked creating readers for life.

Why Share Stories?

Wold book day - Share a Story Why share stories for 10 mins a day

Ways to Share a Story

World Book Day - 3 simple ways to share a story & celebrate WBD

Schools all over the country will have been given World Book Day tokens to give out to the children so they can go and spend it on one of the 12 books released especially for this occasion. Or if they prefer to have the £1 off a full priced book of their choice.

I know my girls and I will be catching up on our favourite books at story time today. My eldest is loving The Land of Topsy Turvy and little Dottie is liking her Peter Rabbit buggy book at the moment.

Baby Dottie with Peter Rabbit and Buggy book

What were your favourite childhood stories? As well as being a huge Beatrix Potter fan, I loved the Enid Blyton books like The Wishing Chair and The Famous Five.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have a lovely World Book Day

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11 thoughts on “World Book Day – Share a Story

  1. im looking forward to getting my daughter involved in world book day next year as she will be old enough to understand

  2. I used to love reading to my children when they were young, and now I enjoy reading to my granddaughter. Some of the books I read are new ones that weren’t around when my kids were little, and some of them are old favourites such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

  3. I absolutely loved Percy the Park keeper stories when I was little, and now I enjoy reading them to my own children!

  4. At my granddaughters school on World Book Day besides dressing up they asked every child to bring in a book,You didn’t have to buy one but could be one your child had read, growed out of or maybe had two off,Then they had them set out on tables & each class went in & each child chose a book.
    I thought this was a fabulous idea.Promoted sharing,Reading ( Granddaughter couldn’t wait to read hers) And you could say promoted recycling lol

  5. Kids love being read to, and not just little ones. I used to work as a high school librarian and even 12 year olds enjoyed reading and listening together.

  6. Great blog post, reading with your children is so important and time well spent. I was also a big fan of Enid Blyton as a child, I loved the magic faraway tree.

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