4 Simple Steps To Create A Facebook Ad

Blogging has taught me a lot of things in the business world and how to intertwine the two. This post on steps to create a Facebook ad can be used for bloggers and businesses.

As you start to develop a real marketing plan this year, quite a lot of your focus will likely be in social media platforms and engaging with your customers. For marketing professionals, social media is a gold mine and it would be silly not to take advantage of this within your business and beyond. Today we are going to have a look at how you can boost a post and create a Facebook ad to reach a wider audience and gain a better conversion rate to your website.

4 Simple Steps To Create A Facebook Ad

Create your content

Before you start thinking about the ad itself you need to create some great content which will be shared alongside it. For example this could be a short video clip of you introducing the business, it could be an image or a graphic explaining an offer, or it could be a link to your website or a blog post. Make sure that the content you create is engaging and that the thumbnail you use is eyechaghing enough to make an impression with your audience as they scroll through their newsfeed.

Choose your tag line

Every time you post something on Facebook you need to create a tag line which goes along with it and makes people want to read into the subject more. Let’s say for example that the Game Of Thrones trailer is something you want to share. You could share the link to the video, and then as a tag line you could write something like this ‘We didn’t see THAT coming…’ and this will pique the interest of your audience. The same applies for your business content so be sure to write something which invites further investigation.

Choose an audience

This part is actually made simple on a Facebook ad and you can basically go through and choose people who enjoy a certain tv show or film or hobby. This makes it very easy for you to narrow down a target audience and it will ensure that you are spending your money reaching the right people. You can also set locations so if you wanted to only advertise in English speaking countries you can do this, but you also have the option to advertise anywhere else.

Think budget

The main thing you have to consider when creating a Facebook advert is how much you want to spend on the campaign. A budget can be as low or high as you like and it will, of course, determine the results you can get back from the advert. Think about the conversion rate and PPC you want to achieve and how to Automate your PPC campaign management for better success, and make sure to ask your manager how much money they are willing to let go for your campaign.

Facebook can be a great tool if you use it correctly and this can allow you to increase your audience reach and also gain a whole new loyal audience who will support your brand. Make sure to use this tool well and make the most of it.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve found this post useful on how to create a Facebook ad.

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