Enid Blyton Books – The Famous Five

I was around 9 years old when I got my first Enid Blyton book – The Wishing Chair. Ever since that moment I’ve been a huge Enid Blyton fan and I can’t wait for my girls to discover her books. Recently I got the chance to have a look at and read all the Famous Five books again from Books2Door. It’s been over 20 years since I last read any of the Famous Five Collection and I don’t think I read them all! This Famous Five Collection will keep me going for a while.

Enid Blyton Books - The Famous Five

The fun thing about all of the Enid Blyton books is that they full of adventure, whether a faraway magic land or a local mystery that needs solving. You can see why all her books are popular to this day the whole world over.

Enid Blyton Books - The Famous Five collection

The first book out of twenty one in the Famous Five Collection was published in 1942 – Five on a Treasure Island. It’s remained one of my favourites.

The very first Famous Five adventure, featuring Julian, Dick, Anne, not forgetting tomboy George and her beloved dog, Timmy!

There’s a shipwreck off Kirrin Island! But where is the treasure? The Famous Five are on the trail – looking for clues – but they’re not alone! Someone else has got the same idea. Time is running out for the Famous Five, who will follow the clues and get to the treasure first?

The twenty one Famous Five books took Enid Blyton from 1942 to 1963 to write. The original books were illustrated by Eileen Soper but there have been numerous interpretations and adaptations of the Famous Five over the years. They have been translated into many languages and re printed countless times.

Enid Blyton Books - The Famous Five

Who are the Famous Five?

They are four upper-class children with a dog who solve mysteries and get tangled up with smugglers and other criminals. Armed with maps, torches, lots of sandwiches and a supply of ginger beer, Julian, Dick, Anne, their tomboy cousin George (Georgina her full name) and Timmy the dog like nothing better than to spend their holidays hiking and biking, camping and exploring by themselves, invariably falling into adventure. Julian is the eldest, with George and Dick next, and then Anne.  They are aged between 11 and 13 at the start of the series.

Enid Blyton Books - The Famous Five

The Famous Five became so popular that it spinned off a Famous Five TV series and The Famous Five movie. The TV series ran for 26 episodes in 1978-1979. Although a remake series later in 1995 was also commissioned.

The Famous Five books in order

  1. Five on a Treasure Island (1942)
  2. Five Go Adventuring Again (1943)
  3. Five Run Away Together (1944)
  4. Five Go to Smuggler’s Top (1945)
  5. Five Go Off in a Caravan (1946)
  6. Five on Kirrin Island Again (1947)
  7. Five Go Off to Camp (1948)
  8. Five Get into Trouble (1949)
  9. Five Fall into Adventure (1950)
  10. Five on a Hike Together (1951)
  11. Five Have a Wonderful Time (1952)
  12. Five Go Down to the Sea (1953)
  13. Five Go to Mystery Moor (1954)
  14. Five Have Plenty of Fun (1955)
  15. Five on a Secret Trail (1956)
  16. Five Go to Billycock Hill (1957)
  17. Five Get into a Fix (1958)
  18. Five on Finniston Farm (1960)
  19. Five Go to Demon’s Rocks (1961)
  20. Five Have a Mystery to Solve (1962)
  21. Five Are Together Again (1963)

Enid Blyton also wrote a number of short stories featuring the characters, which were collected together in 1995 as Five Have a Puzzling Time and Other Stories.

Have you read any of The Famous Five Collection?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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  1. Lovely books! I don’t think I read these as I’m a late 90’s child, but my mum often talks about these books and I think she has the collection somewhere. Thanks for sharing x

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