October Roundup and November Bucket List

Wow didn’t October fly by! I have now been back to work 4 weeks and it’s gone by so quickly. We are now into a little routine so we all get to our places on time in the mornings! Here you can read all about our back to work routine.

Also if you want to catch up on last months roundup post you can do so.


October Roundup

It’s strange as I have had a lesser amount of blogging time this month but my stats have rocketed! I have had some amazing competitions running and reviewed lots of fabulous things. Why not have a scroll back through and see what we have been up to?

I also have my gift guides out for Christmas. I have my women’s and babies & kids guides to help you with present ideas.

Not to long until Christmas now! Eek! I finished up baby girls Christmas presents before I started back at work. This Christmas is very special as it’s her first.

My favourite post

My favourite post of the month was 10 Months Have Passed – My Return to Work Returning to work was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. A few weeks before my actual return I was having panics about leaving baby girl. Now we are back into the swing of things it’s a lot easier.

Now to cross out what I have achieved for October:

~ Aim to keep on building my page views – Running competitions has helped bring new readers to my blog

~ Aim to increase my Subscriber email list I have had over 100 sign up’s to my newsletter for October. I’m so pleased! My weekly blog competition email is very popular with all my fabulous subscribers. If any bloggers would like to have their competitions included in my newsletter that goes out on Wednesdays. Please email me the link at rachel@rachelbustin.com

~ Join in with more linkys – Still need to push to do this.

~ Create a fantastic Christmas Gift Guide Yes I have 2 out! Women’s and Babies & Kids

~ Settle back into work and find that blog/home/work life balance – We are getting there!

~ Get to 1000 followers on Instagram – Done!

Oh if you wish to sign up to my newsletter you can do so in the subscribe box in the sidebar – top right!

November Bucket List

As always I love to share with you my social media stats. It’s great to look back over and see how they have changed from the previous month. So here is my stats and bucket list for November.

  • Twitter: 5214 (+1034) – huge increase! Down to a RT competition to win a Halloween DVD bundle
  • Facebook 555 (+104)
  • Instagram 1074 (+140)
  • Pinterest 509 (+109)

~ Aim to keep working on Pinterest.

~ Keep plugging away at Facebook – Join in with comment pods and help to increase my reach

Blog Statistics

  • Page Views 7041
  • Unique Monthly Users 2588
  • Posts Published 31

~ Join in with more Linky’s

~ Keep up my page views

~ Spend time going back over old posts and refresh

~ Sort out the Christmas Decorations

~ Buy advent Calender’s

I hope you all have a lovely month and please do let me know what your plans are for the month, I love to read your comments.

Thank you for sharing

3 thoughts on “October Roundup and November Bucket List

  1. You are very organized having baby girls presents already, well done you!
    I am also going to try and go back through some old posts this month, hopefully get some more views on them.
    Hope you have a great month 🙂

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