10 Months Have Passed – My Return To Work

It’s here.

I never expected my maternity leave to go so fast.

Roll back 10 months

I’m getting up at 4:45, that’s not true. My husband is pulling me up out of bed at 8 months pregnant to go to work on my last day. That day has come. Normality as we know it is disappearing. The next time I walk through these doors at work I will be a mum.

So here I am sitting on my stairs struggling to tie up the laces on my safety boots. Just think Rach in 10 hours time you will be free of work for 10 whole months. Truthfully all I’m thinking about is getting through this day. Baby girl loves to lie on my sciatica nerve. Standing on your feet all day is no joke. Might have to find a place to hide in!

Rest up feet up!

That won’t happen as its a Saturday.


This may sound daft. It’s most likely the pregnancy hormones but I was sad to leave work. I shed a few tears. See the thing is I’m not a big lover of change. I’ve been going to work since I was 15. Never had more than a couple of weeks off. Now at 33 I find myself with 10 months off.

What on earth am I going to do? How will I keep myself occupied?

You see I finished work on the 5th December last year, shit I haven’t worked in 2016 yet! Working in retail is hard at Christmas and being on my feet all day was too much. So I took 4 weeks holiday in one go and then I will start my maternity leave.

Being off at Christmas was fun. I watched and ate everything Christmassy. When January came I couldn’t wait to have baby girl. My due date kept coming closer but still no sign. Then we went flying past my due date, still no sign. At 42 weeks pregnant they decided to induce me. By this time it was February and my maternity leave is draining away and still I have no baby.

16 days past my due date she was finally here by c-section.

Motherhood is now beginning for me. I have waited long enough. 2 and a half years to be precise, but that’s another story.

Rolling Forward 10 Months… Present Day

The summer has flown by. Autumn is here. Baby girl had grown so much and is nearly 8 months old. My blog has grown tremendously these past few months. Now I’m preparing to leave her all day long to return to work. I wish I didn’t but I have too.

How many mums are out there feeling like me?

We have our little routines throughout the day while her dad is at work. Now I feel we have settled into them they are going to change again.

Today I’m on my second day back at work.

Yesterday I woke up in a good mood determined to get through the day. It was really hard leaving my beautiful girl for 9 hours with my mum. But I trust my mum and dad so I know she will be fine there.

I called there a couple of times during the day to make sure everything was ok. Mum said she’s been crying and is upset. I knew this was going to be hard on both of us. By mid-morning she had calmed down and ate her dinner and did a poop so I know she’s ok.

When I left work I rushed over there to pick her up.

Oh her little face lit up when she saw me and her arms and legs were going. I just burst into tears. I had missed her so much.

The hardest day is now over. I have to say that was the worst day of my life.


How did you feel about going back to work? I would love to read your comments.



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4 thoughts on “10 Months Have Passed – My Return To Work

  1. It will get better! The Popple had a really hard time settling at nursery – for weeks she howled every time I dropped her off and picked her up, and refused to eat while she was there. I felt awful. Eventually, she started to get used to it – I still think she’s much happier with me and my husband, but she tolerates nursery now. She eats better for the nursery staff than she does for us!

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