Where to Find Affordable Baby Equipment

Starting a family is an expensive business. In fact it cost’s an average of £3000 for your new arrival in their first year of life. But at the moment life in general is very expensive for everyone. So we are all out to find the best deals we can possible. I know when I found out we were going to have a baby, my first question was how can we afford one?

Baby’s need lots of equipment so we planned to find the best affordable baby equipment we could. I always hunt for bargains online and one of the websites we discovered sold name branded items at discounted prices. We could save £££’s off a stroller alone!


Autumn is the best time of year for taking your baby out for a walk in your stroller. Especially here in Cornwall the weather is still very mild, but all the leaves have turned brown and falling from the trees. It really is a great time of year for getting out the house for a walk.

So a stroller was one of the most important items on our list I’ve always been an outdoorsy person and can’t bare to be inside for too long.

Other important baby equipment on the list is of course cots, car seats, nursery furniture and high chairs. We got our cot from family, but bought a new mattress for as it as that’s a must do for your baby’s safety. Car seats must be brand new as well because you don’t know if they have been in an accident or not and the seat may have been compromised.

You can find lots of bargains on Amazon and even your local supermarkets for smaller items such as feeding bottles, plastic cutlery, educational toys, nappies and wipes. Buy in bulk and plan ahead are my top tips.

Don’t forget to question every purchase. Is it essential?

Do you have any tips for finding affordable baby equipment?


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