Everything You Need To Know About Autumn Lips 2019

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As my girls get older and out of the baby stage, I’m beginning to have more time to look after my appearance. For the past 3 1/2 years I’ve literally had no time in the mornings to look in the mirror. I’ve brushed my teeth and hair, thrown on deodorant. All that with a toddler clinging on to my legs, so time for makeup has been nonexistent. But now I feel it’s about time to get into a decent makeup and skincare routine. I’m not in my 20’s anymore! The start of September and Autumn is similar to the start of a new year, so I’ve been looking around at Autumn lipsticks, gloss, liners and balms as my first step into my new appearance. Autumn lips here I come!

Everything You Need To Know About Autumn Lips 2019

Now the go-to website to start off my research into Autumn lips, and what’s on-trend is Cosmetify. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect lippy; whether that’s to make them sparkle, look velvety smooth or add ultimate definition this is the place to be.

Autumn Lip Trends

Autumn leads us into Winter and the festive season when you want to use glittery makeup and sparkles. This is straight on-trend for 2019, ultra-glittery makeup and glittery lips.

Lipstick Colours For Autumn

Fall is the time to get out your chunky woolly jumpers, hats and gloves, so you want a colour scheme for your lips to match this time of year. I’m all for matt shades in browns, burnt oranges, and maroons. I haven’t really taken much interest in Kylie Cosmetics before, but I discovered she has a lovely Autumn lip kit in a terracotta rose colour and it contains both the lip liner and matte liquid lipstick.

Everything You Need To Know About Autumn Lips 2019

Velvety red lips are a classic shade are going to be even more popular for Autumn/Winter 2019. Teamed with not a lot of other makeup. Not sure this colour is for me being a redhead! I’m more for the smokey neutral colours. Berry coloured lips is a popular choice with brunettes, plus this shade is known to make your teeth look whiter!


One thing I’ve always made time for in the colder months is putting on a lipbalm. Since I was a small kid I’ve suffered from terrible cracked and dry lips in Autumn and Winter. Burt’s Bees has been a firm favourite of mine for a while and is always tucked away in my jacket pocket.


I was a huge fan of lipgloss as a teenager, and it’s one of the forthcoming trends this season. Dewy bee-stung lips in natural skin shades are perfect for a cosy Autumn date. The glossy look is great for protecting lips again cold winds, by keeping them hydrated and moisturised.

What are your go-to products for Autumn Lips?

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  1. Burts bees coloured lip balms are great. I like plum like shades in the autumn & sometimes go for a wine coloured red.

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