4 Things at Home You May Want to Fix

Owning a home requires your commitment and diligence on the upkeep. Though your home is an asset that will continue to rise and give you more value each year, unlike other properties that you may have accumulated by now, having a house can get expensive if you don’t regularly do a maintenance check. Not all in-need-of-repair parts are readily visible in plain view. 

4 Things at Home You May Want to Fix
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Make it a habit to do random checks around the house at least two to three times a month. This way, you’ll be able to catch the symptom early on before it turns into something much bigger and more costly to address.

Having a maintenance checklist is one way of systematizing your regular inspection so that you’ll know which item in the house is brand-new and which one needs changing soon. Minor repairs like changing the bulbs or the fuse in the basement should be streamlined so you don’t miss a beat when it comes to your home.

Getting started is the challenge as there is a lot of stuff inside a home, and it piles on as the years go by. Check out this list of things to check and fix first before you go any further with your home-maintenance goals.

Rooftop Maintenance

Like most homeowners, you need to attend from the outside to the inside parts of your house to get an overall impression on its condition. Starting at the exterior, from top to bottom, your roof is the part that gets the most wear and tear. 

If you have a reliable ladder, climb up and check your roof’s siding integrity. Keep an eye out for signs of a leak on the seams. The weight of water is a major cause for most ceilings or even walls to crack and close in. If you feel you don’t have the know-how on identifying potential problems on the roof, you always have the option to seek assistance from professional contractors.

Sinks, Flushes, and Faucets

The life span of pumps, switches, and other items that have mechanical functions depends on the usage. Same with outlets, these household items are subjected to daily use, which significantly decreases their usability threshold. They usually run in excellent condition within the first seven years and start deteriorating in quality after.

You need to fix leaky faucets and smoothen out clogs in sinks straightaway. Keep track of the times you’ve replaced them on an annual basis so you’ll know which ones will need to be replaced soon or which ones you can still keep utilizing. 

As for flushes, if you’re already using powerful macerating toilets, then you won’t have to worry too much about maintenance as these toilets are generally efficient and water-saving.

Doors and Doorknobs

Door handles and latches are some of the things inside and outside the house that get brutalized a lot. Make it a point to check your doors for insulation if you notice moisture and air leaks wreaking havoc on the wood, if the paint is chipping, or if there are loose hinges.

Over time, your door will become more vulnerable to burglars. In that case, try using a set of lockpick tools to check the integrity of your doors and locks. If the lock is easily opened or is loose, then you’ll need to change your locks. You should also check your doors for any sign of forced entry, such as scratches around the keyhole, bent latches, and wood splinters around the lock.

Electrical Outlets

To avoid any unexpected malfunctions, include electrical outlets on your list of routine maintenance.

For everybody’s general safety, you must always check the outlets to see if they are still in good working condition. The people in your house plug in devices at varying levels and frequencies. There will be times when the outlets break, like most items that are used continually. As they are utilized more frequently, they generally need more maintenance checks.

If you spot sockets that have blown up, they must be repaired as soon as possible. Make a mental note to replace those that don’t have light bulbs. Consider any flickering bulb that you see an urgent problem that needs to be fixed. Consult an electrician at this point to avoid any kind of accident.

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  1. The title of your post made me smile as I am hopeless at home maintenance so have more than four things to fix! Safety is essential, though, so I will be carrying out some checks this week starting with insulation and guttering. Little reminders like your post are always useful. Thank you.

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